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CountryUnited Kingdom

Year Published/Registered1833

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

AGM Type

Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Atroviolacea'

Chinese Name

Japanese Name



Altro Violacea  Arnaud Catalogue, 1839-1840. Orthographic error for Atroviolacea.

Atroviolacea Nova  Trillon, Le Mans Nursery Catalogue, 1843, p.3. Synonym for Atropurpurea.

Atroviolacea Plena  Burdin Catalogue, 1835, p.38 as ‘Atro-Violacea Plena’. Synonym for Atroviolacea.

Atroviolacea Rubra  Giardino Inglese di Caserta, 1857. Synonym for Atroviolacea.

Atroviolacea Serni  Harrison ed., Floricultural Cabinet, 1838, vol.6, p.149. Synonym for Atrovio­lacea.


» English Description

Courtois, 1833, Magazin d’Hortculture, 1 [pt.D]:315. No description. Colla, 1843, Camelliografia, p.88: Originated in England from seed of ‘Rubra Simplex’, (Rubra) A semi-double cultivar, 9-10 cm across, of an intense red colour, marked with rare, white streaks. The corolla of many petals, the outer disposed alternatively in 3-4 rows, regular, round-oval; those of the interior, few, small, irregular, folded diversely. Berlèse, 1837, Monographie, Vol.I: Flower large, regular, well formed, clear red and afterwards deep; petals of exterior rounded, acuminate; those of the centre narrower, elongated, distorted and acute. Synonyms: ‘Atroviolacea Rubra’, ‘Atroviolacea Plena’. ‘Atroviolacea Serni’, ‘Atroviolacea Nova’.


Flower Size9-10 cm

Blooming Season United Kingdom