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Year Published/Registered1980

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

AGM Type

Scientific Name:Camellia reticulata 'Baoyuhong'

Chinese Name:宝玉红

Japanese Name

Meaning:Precious Jade Red


Pao-yü-hung  Yü & Bartholomew, 1980, American Camellia Yearbook, p.24.Different reading for Baoyuhong.

Precious Jade Red  Yü & Bartholomew, 1980, American Camellia Yearbook, p.12. Synonym for Baoyuhong.

Red Jewel  Bao, 1980, ACS., The Camellia Journal, vol.35, No.2, p.18. Western synonym for Baoyuhong.


» English Description

Yü and Bartholomew, 1980. American Camellia Yearbook, p.12: “Spinel pink. E. Kunming. (‘Red Jewel’), Bao, 1980)”; Feng et al., 1981, Yunnan Shanchahua p.56, 57, colour photo and description: Open peony form to semi-double, 11-12 cm across, 24-28 petals in 5-6 whorls, notched at the apex; centre petals, small, erect, streaked with white, mixed in with sta­mens and a few petaloids, pistil rudimentary. Colour, RHS,CC,55A, spinel pink, slightly green­ish. Leaves elliptic to ovate, flat, margins revolute, apices acuminate and recurved, bases cuneate or slightly broadened, 7-9 cm long by 3-4 cm wide. This is a new cultivar selected from seedlings of open pollinated seeds by researchers at the Kunming Botanical Gardens, Yunnan, China. Flowers early. Different reading: ‘Pao-yü-hung’. Synonyms: ‘Red Jewel’, ‘Precious Jade Red’. See Feng et al., 1986, Yunnan Camellias of China, p.48 for illustration.

» Chinese Description

冯国楣、夏丽芳、朱象鸿,1981.《云南山茶花》,图片p.21。文字描述p.110。宝玉红(Baoyuhong) Red Jewel.【叶】椭圆形至卵圆形,长7-9厘米,宽3-4厘 米,先端渐尖并下勾,基部楔形或宽楔形,叶缘向外 卷,叶身平。【花】桃红色带亚蓝(R.H.S.C.C.55A),直径11-12厘米。花瓣24-28片,5-6轮着生,花瓣平,排列整 齐,花瓣先端有缺刻,并具有一小倒钩,瓣边缘略向内 卷,内轮小花瓣具白色条纹。雄蕊多数发育良好,少数 变成小花瓣。雌蕊多数退化成扁平状。花期1月中旬至 2月下旬。本品种系中国科学院昆明植物研究所植物园从自然 杂交种子实生苗中选育出的新品种。 

管开云、李纪元、王仲朗主编,2014. 《中国茶花图鉴》, p.235。 原产地:中国云南中科院昆明植物研究所植物园。性状描述:花桃红色,玫瑰重瓣型,大型花,花径11~12 cm,花瓣24~28枚,宽圆形, 5~6轮排列,花瓣平,排列整齐,边缘略向内卷,内轮小花瓣具白色条纹,雄蕊分束于花心,雌蕊多数退化,偶能结实,花量中等。叶片绿色,椭圆形至卵圆形,长7~9cm,宽3~4cm,先端渐尖,下弯,基部楔形至宽楔形,叶边缘向外卷;植株开张。花期:1月上旬至2月下旬。识别点:本品种花色桃红带亚蓝,花瓣排列整齐,边缘略向内卷,内轮小花瓣具白色条纹,叶边缘向外卷。


Flower Size11-12 cm

Blooming Season1-2 Month China