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Dédé de la Roche

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Year Published/Registered2015

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

AGM Type

Scientific Name:Camellia 'Dédé de la Roche'

Chinese Name

Japanese Name

Meaning:personal name


» English Description

International Camellia Journal, 2015, p.118; European Reg. No. 109.  Originated by Raymond Grall. Introduced by S.A.R.L. Guiavarch-Grall Kercoadou 29440 Plougar and propagated by Kerisnel Nurseries 29250 Saint Pol de Léon - France. First flowered in 2010, the name chosen in memory of a dear friend. Female parent: Camellia yunnanensis, male parent unknown. Propagated from cuttings.  The plant is upright, spreading and fast growing. Leaves are dark green, 8 cm x 4 cm with curved margins. Flower buds are round and brown. Flowers early season, long flowering period, floriferous. The flower is pink and is a flat semi-double, with golden yellow stamens, yellow filaments and possibly petaloids, 10 cm across with 9 to10 petals, 12/13 cm if grown under glass. The flower falls whole.


Flower Size4-10 cm

Blooming Season France