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Year Published/Registered2007

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

AGM Type

Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Hongfengwei'

Chinese Name:红凤尾

Japanese Name



» English Description

Gao, Jiyin, 2007, The Identification....Outstanding Camellias, p.192; Originated in the Chengdu area, Sichuan, China, and cultivated at Nanjiao Park, Chengdu. A sister cultivar of Huafengwei. Flowers red, semi-double to peony, medium to large. Petals long-rounded, waved, small petals and stamens mixed in the centre. Leaves dark green, small-elliptic, waved edges, shiny. Upright, vigorous growth. Flowers mid-season to late.

Hongfengwei. (Camellia japonica)  Synonym: None  Originate: Sichuan  Characteristics: Plant vigorous ,with medium open crown. Leaves green, elliptic, with apex apiculate, base broad obtuse, margins slightly reflexed, measured 8 cm to 9 cm across by 4 cm to 5 cm wide. serrate shallow and sparse. Flowers are bright red. Petals rounded with apex deep notched, edge somewhat wavy. Most stamens normal, with filaments combined as tubular at basal part. Petaloids by a few stamens, tiny, floral diameter 7 cm to 10 cm, medium floral abundance. Blooms February to April, at fully blooming march.  Key points of identification: Leaves are brilliant green, petals with margins wavy, petaloids by a few stamens.

» Chinese Description

周利主编、2011《川茶品种图鉴》 p.243。树势强健,树冠较开张,生长旺盛;叶绿色,光亮,椭圆形,先端急尖,基部宽楔形,叶缘略反卷,叶长8cm~9cm,宽4cm~5cm;叶齿浅稀,花大红色,花瓣椭圆形,瓣端有深缺凹,花瓣边缘略呈波浪状,雄蕊多数发育完全,花丝基部连成筒状,少数雄蕊瓣化成小花瓣,半重瓣型,花径8cm-10cm,花量中等,花期2月~4月,盛花期3月。识别特征:叶亮绿色,花瓣边缘波浪状,少数雄蕊瓣化成小花瓣。原始产地:四川


Flower Size8-10 cm

Blooming Season2-4 Month China