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Kengkou Zhen No.G270

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Year Published/Registered2020

Cultivar Type:For Oil

AGM Type

Scientific Name:Camellia semiserrata 'Kengkou Zhen No.G270'

Chinese Name:坑口镇G270号

Japanese Name



» English Description

Yao Xiaohua and Ren Huadong eds. 2020. Oil-tea Camellia Genetic Resource in China. p.619.【Resource number】441223_066_0027;Breeding resources (clones);Oil use, ornamental cultivation, genetic breeding materials. Originated in Guangning County, Guangdong Province.【PLANT】Half-opened. Young shoots have hairs. Leaf buds cyan, have tomentose hairs.【LEAF】young leave green,old leaves medium green,oval in shape. Leaf margins flat, wavy,Leaf apex acuminate,Leaf base cuneate,15.12 cm long and 5.9cm wide.【FLOWER】Sepals without hairs,petal in red color,the pistil shorter than the stamen,stigma lobed 5. Ovaries have pubescent.【FRUIT】surface smooth,round sphere,red yellow in color;average weight 342.85g;Ratio of fresh seeds 13.63%;Testa color black;Kernel oil content 55.24%.【FATTY ACID CONTENT】Oleic acid 87.7%,Linoleic acid 3.29%,Linolenic acid -%.,Stearic acid 2.39%,Palmitic acid 5.89%. Full blooming season Early January;Fruit harvest season Mid-October.

» Chinese Description

姚小华、任华东主编,2020年《中国油茶遗传资源》第619页。【资源编号】441223_066_0027;选育资源(无性系);油用、观赏栽培,遗传育种材料。产于广东省广宁县。【植株】树姿半开张.嫩枝有绒毛. 叶芽青色.有绒毛.【叶】嫩叶绿色,老叶中绿色,椭圆形. 叶缘平、波状,先端渐尖,基部楔形,长15.12厘米,宽5.9厘米。【花】萼片无绒毛,花瓣红色,雄蕊比雌蕊高,柱头浅裂. 5裂. 子房有绒毛。【果】表面光滑,圆球形,红黄色;平均单果重342.85克;鲜出籽率13.63%;种皮黑色;种仁含油率55.24%。【脂肪酸含量】油酸87.7%,亚油酸3.29%,亚麻酸-%.,硬脂酸2.39%,棕榈酸5.89%。盛花期1月上旬;果熟期10月中旬。


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