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Lianyan Jiaren

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Year Published/Registered2021

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia‘Lianyan Jiaren’

Chinese Name:潋滟佳人

Japanese Name



» English Description

Lianyan Jiaren (C. chuongtsoensis x C. azalea). China Regn. #2021-346. China Flowers & Horticulture, 2021, No.11, p.57. Named by Huang Xiaona  Registered by Huang Liandong, Huang Xiaona, Qi Ya, Jiang Changjie, Li Zhihui, Luo Yanying  of Golden Camellia Park in Nanning City. A hybrid of C. chuongtsoensis x C. azalea. Shrubs or small trees, half-opened, bark gray-brown, buds in light brown, young twigs dark brown, glabrous, and old branches light brown. The branches and leaves are slightly sparse, and the leaves are growing obliquely. Leaves obovate, the front dark green, the back light green. Medium thickness, broad apex and short tail tip, leaf base cueate, 7.6-9.8 cm long, 3.4-4.5 cm wide, leaves glabrous, leaf margins with sparse shallow serrations, petiole length 0.9-1.3cm. Flower budsterminal, sepals covered with tile, oval, bright yellow-green, 5-6 pieces, glabrous. Flower diameter 7.8-9.5cm, semi-double, 9-10 petals. Petals medium thickness, obovate, petal apex slightly concave, with moderate folds on the edges. Flower veins obvious, and petals deep pink (RSH 49A). Stamens numerous in cylindrical, apetalized, and pistils nearly equal in height, stigma deeply divided, ovary spherical, and smooth and hairless. It can bloom in all seasons, with few flowers in winter and spring, and the full blooming period is June to August.

» Chinese Description

潋滟佳人Camellia‘Lianyan Jiaren’ 中国登录号:2021-346,《中国花卉园艺》2021年第1157页。由南宁市金花茶公园的黄晓娜命名,黄连冬、黄晓娜、漆娅,、蒋昌杰、李志辉、罗燕英培育并登录。以崇左金花茶为母本,杜鹃红山茶为父本的杂交后代中选育。灌木或小乔木,植株呈半张开型,树皮灰褐色,嫩芽浅棕色,嫩枝深棕色,无毛,老枝浅棕色。枝叶稍稀,叶片上斜着生。叶片倒卵形,正面深绿色,背面浅绿色,叶面无革质。中等厚度,先端阔短尾尖,叶基楔形,长7.6-9.8cm,宽3.4-4.5cm,叶片无毛,叶缘有稀疏浅细齿,叶柄长0.9-1.3cm。花芽顶生,萼片覆瓦状,椭圆形,亮黄绿色,5-6片,无毛,花冠直径7.8-9.5cm,半重瓣型,花瓣 9-10片,花瓣中等厚度,倒卵形,花瓣顶端微凹,边缘有中度褶皱。花脉明显,花瓣颜色为浓粉色(RSH 49A),雄蕊多数,排列方式为筒型,无瓣化,雌雄蕊近等高,柱头深裂,子房球形,光滑无毛。四季均可开花,冬、春季少花,盛花期6-8月。


Flower Size7.8-9 cm

Blooming Season6-8 Month China