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Luxin Jinpan Lizhi

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Year Published/Registered1987

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Luxin Jinpan Lizhi'

Chinese Name:露心金盘荔枝

Japanese Name



Luxin Jinban Lizhi  Gao & Zhuang, 1989, The Camellia in China, p.38, No.187. Orthographic error for Luxin Jinpan Lizhi.

Luxin Baozhucha  Zhou Li, 2011, Illustrated Handbook for Sichuan Camellias, p.176.

露心宝珠茶  周利主编、2011《川茶品种图鉴》 p. 176.


» English Description

Chang, Shao Yun, 1987, Camellias from Zhejiang, p.60, coloured photo, [p.136]. Zhou Li, 2011, Illustrated Handbook for Sichuan Camellias, p.176.  Medium size, anemone form, red with 6-7 outer guard petals, lobed, rounded, surrounding a centre, compact, spherically shaped, of small red, folded petaloids, sometimes with gold anthers in the centre. Leaves ovate, mid-green, apices acuminate, margins serrulate. Orthographic error: ‘Luxin Jinban Lizhi’, 'Luxin Baozhucha'. Originated in China.

Luxin baozhucha. (Camellia japonica)Synonym: Camellia japonica ‘Jinpan lizhi’ ‘Longchuan zaibao’ ‘Yuanbao’,  Originate: Chongqing  Characteristics: Plant vigorous with open crown, compact, abundantly branching, acute branching angle, shoots upright. Leaves deep green, elliptic, with apex apiculate, base broad obtuse, flat, serrate fine and tiny, measured 6 cm to 7 cm across by3 cm to 3.5 cm wide. Calyxes are opening. Calyxes and bracts covered by white silk hairs, and bracts of buds are rusty brown, 5-7segments in 1-2 rows. Flowers are bright to deep red. Petals flat, relatively large and upright as tray-shaped, with apex deeply notched. Tiny petaloids by central stamens, imbricated tightly as globose shaped, Occasional normal stamens, stigma protruded obviously. Diameter 7 cm to 9 cm, petals upright, bright red to dark red, typical anemone form. Blooming January to March, at fully blooming in March.  Key points of identification: Typical anemone form, stigma protruded obviously, mixed with normal stamens.

» Chinese Description

陈绍云等,1985《浙江山茶花》60页。周利主编、2011《川茶品种图鉴》 p.176。树势较强,树冠开张、紧凑,成枝力较强,分枝角度小,枝姿直立;叶椭圆形,先端急尖,基部宽楔形,叶色深绿,叶片平展,叶齿细密,叶长6cm~7cm,宽3cm~3.5cm;花萼开张,萼片和荀片具白色絹状毛,蕾期苞片呈锈褐色,平瓣花1轮〜2轮,5枚~7枚,花瓣平展,花瓣较宽大,略直立,形成托盘状,辦尖深缺凹,中心部分雄蕊瓣化成整齐的小碎瓣,排列紧密成团,可见部分发育完全的雄蕊,柱头明显外露,花朵着生向上。花大红偏深红色,花径7cm~9cm,托桂型,花期1月〜3月,盛花期3月。识别特征:典型的托桂类品种;柱头明显外露,成熟雄蕊与小花瓣混生。原始产地:重庆


Flower Size7-9 cm

Blooming Season1-3 Month China