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CountryUnited Kingdom

Year Published/Registered1904

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental


Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Mercury'

Chinese Name

Japanese Name



Mercury Red  Mark S. Cannon Scion Catalogue, 1962, p.7. Synonym for Mercury.

Paul's Mercury  Waterhouse, 1960, ACRS., Camellia Annual, No.7, p.16. Synonym for Mercury.


» English Description

Gardening Yearbook and Garden Oracle 47th ed. A fine deep salmon pink variety. Floricultural Certificate, Royal Botanic Society, March 10th, 1904. From Messrs Paul & Son. Paul, 1911, The Garden. A large, crimson, semi-double. Puddle & Hanger, 1960, RHS, The Rhododendron and Camellia Yearbook, No.14, pp.156, 157, Fig.44: Semi-double with 15-20 petals, orbicular, 5 cm. long x 4-5 cm wide, inner petals decreasing in size and narrower, rounded, notched at apex, outer petals slightly recurved, prominent venation. Stamens arranged in a loose, central ring and often intermixed with petaloids. Flower size about 10-11 cm. across, coloured crimson 22 with deeper venation. Leaves dark, glossy green, upper sur­face, elliptic, 10 cm long x 5 cm wide, margins serrulate, apices acuminate, tapering evenly to base. A fine variety with good foliage and large crimson flowers freely produced. Introduced by William Paul & Sons about 1900, and although the name Mercury has been applied to other varieties in old literature, those generally cultivated nowadays are derived from plants dis­tributed by William Paul. Sports: Mercury Variegated, Mercury Supreme. Synonym: ‘Mer­cury Red’. This cultivar was awarded  as an AGM (Award of Garden Merit) plant by the Royal Horticultural Society in 1993 at H5 rate (hardy: cold winter; -15°C to -10°C).


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Blooming Season United Kingdom