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Patrícia Bensaude Fernandes

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Year Published/Registered2018

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia 'Patrícia Bensaude Fernandes'

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Patrícia Bensaude Fernandes (C.hybrid), European Reg. No. 135.  A large dark pink rose-form double. A 9-year-old chance seedling of C. x williamsii ‘Mary Phoebe Taylor’ that first bloomed in 2013.   The camellia originated in Furnas, São Miguel Island, the Azores, by Fernando Costa, and registered by Carina Costa, of Furnas. The name is dedicated to one of the owners of Terra Nostra Garden, Mrs. Patrícia Bensaude Fernandes.  Plant growth is semi-upright and very slow; it blooms mid-season, over a long period. The rose-form  double is large, of 11 cm width and 7.5 cm depth, with an average of 34-35 round petals that are more obtuse and incurved in the most central petals. The external petals are rounded, with one or more incisions in the apex. The petals are dark pink red (RHS 52A), slightly lighter near the centre of the flowers, and underneath the petals; the colour becomes lighter as the flower ages.  There is an average of 31 stamens and dispersed between them are 2-4 petaloids the same colour of the petals, but slightly striped with a lighter pink. The stamens are split high, and are light yellow with golden yellow anthers.  The spent flower falls whole.  Flower buds are oval and light green. Dark green leaves, medium (9 cm long and 4 cm wide), elliptic, with a short to medium acuminate apex, acute base and serrated margin.


Flower Size7.5-11 cm

Blooming Season Portugal