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Rose Anemone

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CountryUnited States

Year Published/Registered1934

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

AGM Type

Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Rose Anemone'

Chinese Name

Japanese Name



Carnation Kiyono Catalogue, 1934-1935. Synonym for Rose Anemone as ‘Rose Enemy’.

Carnation Pink Eastwoodhill Arboretum, 1982, A List of Trees, Shrubs and Climbers. Synonym for Rose Anemone.

Carnation Red Camellia Digest 1 (2),1943. Synonym for Rose Anemone as ‘Rose Enemy’.

Christmas Glory Thomasville Nurseries Catalogue, 1935, p.7. Synonym for Rose Anemone as ‘Rose Emery’.

Emery Camellia Digest, 1(1), 1942. Orthographic errors: ‘Emry’, ‘Enemy’. Synonym for Rose Anemone.

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» English Description

McIlhenny, 1934, List of Camellias for Sale as ‘Rose Emry’; Rubel, 1936, Wholesale Price List, No.74, p.4: The colour of the flowers varies from deep crimson to rose­pink. A medium sized, anemone form. Originated in USA. Synonyms: ‘Orient’, ‘Carnation’, ‘Carnation Red’, ‘Orientalis’, ‘Christmas Glory’, ‘Rose Emery’. Pseudonyms: ‘Fireball’, ‘Ignescens’. Orthographic errors: ‘Rose Emry’, ‘Rose Emory’, ‘Rose Enemy’. Note: Rubels conjecture that the various forms of ‘Rose Emery’ stemmed from a misspelling of the name Rose Anemone is accepted as the most likely explanation. In USA ‘Rose Emery’ is given as a valid name and referred to Berlèse, 1837, Monographie. However the only connection with Berlèse camellia is through the pseudonym, Ignescens which is a valid name for a different cultivar, being a flat semi-double. Therefore this is rejected.


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Blooming Season United States