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Sun Song

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CountryNew Zealand

Year Published/Registered1979

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

AGM Type

Scientific Name:Camellia 'Sun Song'

Chinese Name:太阳歌

Japanese Name



Sunsong Camellia Haven, 1978, New Zealand Camellia Bulletin, vol.XV, No.2, p.19. Orthographic variant for Sun Song.

Taiyang Ge Chinese synonym for New Zealand C.hybrid Sun Song.

太阳歌 高继银,1998,世界名贵茶花,p.149. No.5.

太阳之歌 新竹市茶花产销斑目录,2002-2006, p.38, S39.

太阳颂 茶花林目录,1992-2006, p.24/28,No.520.同上。


» English Description

New Zealand Camellia Bulletin, 1979, vol.XI, No.3, p.20, Reg. No.141: A chance seedling of Elegant Beauty that first bloomed in 1976; originated by Neville Haydon, Howick, New Zealand. The plant is average with dark green leaves, 11 cm x 6 cm and flowers early to late. The flowers are formal double with 80-82 petals and some petaloids, the centre rows of which are small and strap shaped. The colour is pink (RHS.CC.52C-D) and on the reverse side deeper pink (RHS.CC.52A-B). Flower size is 11 cm x 4 cm. See colour photo, New Zealand Camellia Bulletin, 1987, vol.XV, No.2, p.19 as ‘Sunsong’. Chinese synonym: ‘Taiyang Ge’.

» Chinese Description

高继银、苏玉华、胡羡聪,2007. 《国内外茶花名种识别与欣赏》,第315页。新西兰Neville.G.Haydon先生培育,系由杂交种‘美美’(Elegant Beauty)品种的实生苗所得。花粉红色,花瓣背面深粉红色,玫瑰重瓣型,大型花,花瓣宽圆形,排列有序,瓣面有红色脉纹,外部花瓣平铺,内部花瓣微微翘起,花朵稠密。叶片浓绿色,椭圆形,叶面粗糙,植株紧凑,生长中等。花期早至晚。

朱國棟、蔡燦玉,2011. 《台灣茶花族譜》,p.256. Sun Song 太阳歌(C.x williamsii)威廉斯茶。1979,新西兰HowickNeville HaydonElegant Beauty (古典美人)自然实生种。初花1976年。完全形、粉红、瓣背面深粉红、中〜 大轮(8~11 x 3~4cm)、花瓣约80~82枚、花期12~3月、长势中等。不同拼音:SunsongSun Song (太阳歌)一高继银,1998,世界名贵茶花,p.149. No.5. Sun Song (太阳之歌)一新竹市茶花产销斑目录,2002-2006, p.38, S39. SunsongCamellia Haven, 1978,新西兰山茶花讯,vol.XV, No.2, p.19.不同拼音。 Sunsong (太阳颂)一茶花林目录,1992-2006, p.24/28,No.520.同上。

太阳颂Sun SongC. williamsii),陈丽惠2013年《山茶花谱台湾情》第237页,红、完全重瓣、中~大輪、早~中花,1979年新西兰發表。


Flower Size8-11 cm

Blooming Season12-3 Month New Zealand