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Yuye Fenxiang

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Year Published/Registered2020

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia 'Yuye Fenxiang'

Chinese Name:鱼叶粉香

Japanese Name



» English Description

Yuye Fenxiang (C. japonica ‘Shirokingyoba-tsubaki’ X  C. lutchuensis). China Regn. #2020-307. China Flowers & Horticulture, 2020, No.12, p.56. This cultivar was bred by Zhang Yali, Li Xiangpeng, Guo Weizhen and others in Shanghai Botanical Garden. In February 2014, C. japonicaShirokingyoba-tsubaki’ was used as the female parent and Camellia lutchuensis was selected as the male parent. It  bloomed for the first time in February 2018. Shrubs, dense branches and leaves, green buds, single or twin top buds, red-brown to yellow-brown, and medium-density branches. The leaves are arranged in the shape of a pinnate, horizontal or oblique. The leaves are thin, soft, small to medium, 5-10 cm long (about 7 cm on average), 2 to 4 cm wide (about 3 cm on average), medium leaves Oval to elliptical, the dorsal main veins of the leaves are hairy, and the veins appear to be moderate, the leaf surface is weak, green without spots, the cross section is flat, the leaf margin is coarsely toothed, the leaf base is round, the tip is acuminate, or the tail Shape variation, occasionally cup-shaped variation. The petiole is short, 0.4~1 cm long, and hairy. Flower buds are terminal or axillary, with 11-12 bracts and sepals, ovate to oblate, arranged in tile-like shape, hairy, and membranous margins. The outer color of the bracts or sepals is green. Single flower, medium petal thickness, slightly concave at the top, number of petals 5-6, full edge, corolla diameter 4-6 cm, petals oval, petals folds, petals veins obvious, single color, pink (62A- C), the center of the petals is whitish pink. The number of stamens is cylindrical, about 4 cm long, the separated filaments are about 2.5 cm, and the base is 0.3~0.5 cm connected to the petals. The pistil is about 2.5 cm long, the stigma is 3-parted, and the split length is about 2 cm, the ovary is glabrous, and the pistil is low. The Shanghai area begins to bloom in mid to late February, and the flowers are fragrant.

» Chinese Description

鱼叶粉香 Camellia 'Yuye Fenxiang' 中国茶花登录号:2020-307。《中国花卉园艺》2020年第1256页。由上海植物园张亚利、李湘鹏、郭卫珍等培育。2014年2月以白金鱼叶椿Camellia japonica ‘Shirokingyoba-tsubaki’为母本,琉球连蕊茶Camellia Lutchuensis为父本,杂交选育而得, 2018年2月首次开花。灌木,枝叶繁密,嫩芽绿色,顶芽单生或双生,嫩枝红褐色至黄褐色,枝稠密度中等。叶近羽叶状排列,呈水平或上斜状着生,叶薄,质软,小至中,长5~10 cm(平均约7 cm),宽2~4 cm(平均约3 cm),叶中等卵形至椭圆形,叶背主脉被毛,叶脉显现程度中,叶面光泽弱,绿色无斑点,横截面平坦,叶缘粗齿状,叶基圆形,叶尖渐尖,或鱼尾状变异,偶有杯状变异。叶柄短,长0.4~1 cm,被毛。花芽顶生或腋生,花苞片及萼片11~12片,卵型至扁圆型,覆瓦状排列,被毛,边缘膜质。花苞被或萼片外侧颜色绿。花单瓣,花瓣厚度中,顶端微凹,花瓣数量5~6,边缘全缘,花冠直径4~6 cm,花瓣卵型,花瓣皱褶中,花瓣脉明显,花单色,粉色(62A-C),花瓣中部泛白粉色。雄蕊数量中,筒状,长约4 cm,花丝分离长度约2.5 cm,基部0.3~0.5 cm与花瓣连生。雌蕊长约2.5 cm,柱头3深裂,分裂长度约2 cm,子房无毛,雌蕊低。上海地区2月中下旬始花,花芳香。


Flower Size4-6 cm

Blooming Season2-5 Month China