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Abate Branzini

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Year Published/Registered1850

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Abate Branzini'

Chinese Name

Japanese Name



Abate Banzoni  William Bull, Catalogue, 1867-1868. Orthographic error for Abate Branzini.

Abate Brangoni  Galeotti, M., 1852, Journal d’Horticulture Pratique de la Belgique, Vol.10, p.12. Orthographic error for Abate Branzini.

Abate Branzioni  Joseph Baumann, 1856, Prix Courant, p.2. Orthographic error for Abate Branzini.

Abate Branzoni  Auguste van Geert, 1854, Catalogue, No.36, p.32. Verschaffelt Catalogue, 1860-1861, p.37. Orthographic error for Abate Branzini.

Abate Bronzoni  Charles Vuylsteke, 1875-1876, Price List, p.14. Vanderbilt, 1940, Camellia Research, p.1. Orthographic error for Abate Branzini.

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» English Description

Verschaffelt, 1850, Nouvelle Iconographie, Book VII, pl.II and facing page. Orthographic errors: ‘Abate Banzoni’, ‘Abate Branzoni’, ‘Abate Bronzini’, ‘Abbate Branzini’, ‘Abatte Branzoni’, ‘Abate Brangoni’, ‘Abate Branzioni’. It has also been confused with Emilio Bandiera and Emilia Camponi. This camellia was obtained from seed by Mr Prudente Besson, horticulturalist in Turin, and is one of the most distinct varieties...To the perfect imbrication of its petals, smoothly rounded and exquisitely margined is added a deep, rich carmine colouring which shows off clearly a purple border. Besides, a very ample foliage completes and sets off the beautiful floral colouring by its dark glossy green. Originated in Italy.


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Blooming Season Italy