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Aliatar Cocina

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Year Published/Registered1888

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Aliatar Cocina'

Chinese Name

Japanese Name



Aliatar Cocina   Boiro Camellia Show

Aliator Coccinea  Different pronunciation

Aliatar cociña  Real Companhia Horticolo-Agricola Portuense of 1893, p.55


» English Description

 Bossechere 1888, Revue de L’Horticole Belge et Etrangere, vol.14, colour pl. inter. pp.112-113, p.119. Real Companhia Horticolo-Agricolo Portuese Catalogue, No.27, 1893  as 'Aliatar cociña': Formal double, colour vivid rose-red with stripes of white on each petal. Originated in Belgium.

L’Éxposition International de 1888, Organisée a Gand par la Société Royale d’Agriculture et de Botanique. Revue de L'Horticulture Belge et Étrangère. p.119-120.  Origianlly in French and translated by Armando de Castro Oliveira into English: The International Exhibition of 1888, Organized in Ghent by the Royal Society of Agriculture and Botany. Magazine of Belgian and Foreign Horticulture: "The Camellia, introduced to Europe around the middle of the last century, and which reach in their native country from 8 to 12 meters in height, were once the subject of very important cultures in Ghent. They have been a little neglected in recent times, but the vogue tends to return to these plants with leathery foliage of a shiny dark green and flowers offering all shades. It is perhaps for not having made a judicious choice of good varieties that fashion has turned away from Camellia, a large number of cultivars, nevertheless, deserve to appear in the place of honor in the collections of amateurs. Such is the case of the beautiful novelty of Mr. Ed. (Édouard) Pynaert-Van Geert that our second color plate reproduces, the Camellia japonica aliatar cocina; it is a variety that can be boldly recommended; the flower is large, perfectly interwoven, of a superb dark pink color with a wide white stripe in the center of each petal. New products were presented by Messrs Cuvelier, De Coster and Jos. Vervaene, It was Messrs Louis Eeckhaute, Emile De Cock, the brothers Wyckaert and Verhoost who presented lots of very remarkable Camellia; all specimens are distinguished by their health and flowering and will undoubtedly help to bring back the amateurs to the cultivation of the plants that were so successful in the old exhibitions of Ghent.”


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Blooming Season Belgium