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Belle Princess

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Year Published/Registered2009

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

AGM Type

Scientific Name:Camellia 'Belle Princess'

Chinese Name:俏佳人

Japanese Name



漂亮小公主  未发表前曾用名:‘漂亮小公主’

俏佳人  2012年以‘俏佳人’为名在中国国家林业局获得品种授权和保护,品种权号: 20120055


» English Description

Belle Princess C. hybrid Registered in 2009,  ACS Registration #2768. Originated by Jian-Guo Fei, Yong-hong Hu, Ya-li Zhang of Shanghai, China and registered and propagated by Shanghai Botanical Garden of Shanghai, China. Pollen Parenta  Camellia species from Section TheopsisSeed ParentC. japonica 'Kuro-tsubaki' (Black Camellia). FLOWER: Pink to pale pink with yellow anthers and light yellow filaments. SIZE:1 1/4" x 3/4", Bloom Season: Early to Midseason, Growth Habit: The plant habit is upright. Growth Rate: The growth rate is average. General Bloom: The bloom consists of 9 - 11 petals. The plant is a profuse bloomer. The fluorescence is from March to mid-April, lasting about 40 days. Plant & Leaves: The dark green leaves average 2 3/4" x 1 1/4". The new growth is shiny red like Photinia serrulata for about a month. The plant is suitable for landscaping and exhibition uses. The seedling is sterile. Age/First Bloom/Introduced: 24-year-old plant first bloomed in 1992.

» Chinese Description

张亚利等,2018. 微观茶花--束花茶花发展简纪,126页。 俏佳人(中国国家林业局品种权号: 20120055 ),未发表前曾用名:‘漂亮小公主’, 于2009年以‘Belle Princess’名称在美国国际山茶协会注册,登录号:#2768. 亲本:C.japonica ‘kuro-tsubaki’ x C.parviovata, 起源:由中国的费建国先生在20世纪90年代杂交培育,2007年后由费建国、胡永红、张亚利、刘炤、李健筛选而得。观赏特性:植株立性,紧凑。正常叶片深绿色,嫩叶红褐色,冬季部分叶片古铜红色。花半重瓣,花径2.5-3.5 cm,外轮花瓣粉色,内轮花瓣淡粉色或近白色,上海地区2月中下旬-4月上旬。


Flower Size3-6 cm

Blooming Season10-3 Month China