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Chosen by Gianmario Motta



Year Published/Registered1972

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

AGM Type

Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Benkei'

Chinese Name

Japanese Name:弁慶 べんけい

Meaning:Name-of a Warrior


» English Description

Encyclopedia of Camellias in Colour, vol.I, 1972, pl.158, p.88; Seibundō Shinkōsha, 1979, Senchinshū, p.137, colour photo, p.246, description: Light red with 2-3 rows of large, rounded, exterior petals, slightly channelled, with a centre of a few, small petals, petaloids and rare stamens, 11-13 cm across. Early flowering. Leaves large sized, ellip­tic; apex long acuminate, reflexed. Plant habit, vigorous, erect, bushy growth. see p.314, 315, Yokoyama & Kirino, 1989, Nihon no Chinka. Synonym: ‘Oniwari’. Resembles: Konpira-benkei in Kagawa Prefecture. Originated in Kansai, Japan. Released by Kanaoka Chinju’en Nursery. The modern Benkei is not the same as Kaempfers of 1712, having originated as late as 1967 when listed in Kanaoka Chinka-en, Tsub­aki no Shiori, No.2. It was also listed as ‘Oniwarai’ in Tuyama, Nihon no Tsubaki, 1968.

» Japanese Description

講談社 1975年 《現代椿集》 P.314. 文化出版局. 1975. 《現代椿名鑑》. P.209. 淡交社.1989. 《日本の椿花》..314.   誠文堂新光社.1998.《日本ツバキ.サザンカ名鑑》.p.235. 日本ツバキ協会. 2010. 《最新日本ツバキ図鑑》. p.113. 兵庫產. [花]濃紅色、八重、ときに雄しべが弁化して唐子になる、大輪、3~4月。[葉]広楕円、大形、熊谷に似る。[樹]立性、強い、枝うち粗い。[来歴]1967年に金岡椿樹園が発表、武田薬品椿園では鬼笑という。写/高野、文/樽本


Flower Size11-13 cm

Blooming Season3-4 Month Japan