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Caraccioli Vera

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Year Published/Registered1845

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Caraccioli Vera'

Chinese Name

Japanese Name



Caractioli de Milan Verschaffelt Catalogue, 1847-1848, p.55.Synonym for Caraccioli Vera.

Caractiolii de Milan Verschaffelt, 1844, Catalogue No.50, p.18. Orthographic error for Caraccioli Vera.


» English Description

Cachet Catalogue, 1845-1846, p.5: Camellia with carmine stripes on rose ground. Berlèse, 1847, Annales de la Société Centrale d’Horticulture de France, vol.40, p.278: There are in commerce 3 camellias named ‘Cariccioli’, of which two of the varieties are semi-double red or pink and of little importance, but the third is of merit. Flower ranunculiform, 10 cm across, clear salmon red on exterior petals while at the centre it is rose. Petals in many rows, forming a cup, reflexed, broad and rounded. Imbrication a little loose, corolla round, sometimes entirely red, at others, red and rose. Synonym: ‘Caractioli de Milan’. Orthographic error: ‘Caractiolii de Milan’. Originated in Italy.