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Duca Serbelloni

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Year Published/Registered1847

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Duca Serbelloni'

Chinese Name

Japanese Name



Duc de Cerbellone Orthographic error for Duca Serbelloni.

Duc de Serbelloni Auguste van Geert, 1852, Catalogue, p.31. Joseph Baumann, 1856, Prix Courant, p.3. No description. Orthographic variant for Duca Serbelloni.

Duca di Cerbelloni de Jonghe, 1851, Traité de la Culture du Camellia, p.104. Orthographic error for Duca Serbelloni.

Duca di Serbilloni van Houtte Catalogue, 1854-1855, 53:40. Orthographic error for Duca Serbel­loni.

Duca Serbelliona Jose Maria Serra, Establecimento de Horticultura, Catalogue, 1855, p.55. Orthographic error for Duca Serbelloni.

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» English Description

Verschaffelt Catalogue, 1847-1848, p.56. No description. Franchetti, 1855, Collezione di Camelie, p.16: Very large, dark red. Imbricated. Verschaffelt, 1858, Nouvelle Iconographie, Book V, pl.IV: This camellia is of Italian origin; its blossoms, more that 12 cm across, are a vivid cherry pink colour, veined a deeper shade. They are composed of numerous, ample petals, oval or rounded, regularly imbricated. Orthographic variant: ‘Duc de Serbelloni’. Orthographic errors: ‘Duca di Serbilloni’, ‘Duca Cerbelloni’, ‘Duc di Serbelloni’, ‘Duc Cerbelloni’, ‘Duca Serbelliona’. Originated by B. Lechi, Florence, Italy.