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Emelie Taverna

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Year Published/Registered1841

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Emelie Taverna'

Chinese Name

Japanese Name



Emelia Taverna  Verschaffelt Catalogue, 1847-1848, p.56; Van Geert Nursery Catalogue, 1848, p.16. Orthographic variant for Emelie Taverna.

Emilia Taverna  Oudin Nursery Catalogue, 1845-1846, p.44.Orthographic variant for Emelie Taverna.

Emilie Taverina  Charles van Geert, 1846, Catalogue Général, p.67. Orthographic error for Emelie Taverna. Fréres Noisette, Nantes Nursery Catalogue, 1857, p.35. Orthographic error for Emelie Taverna.

Emilie Taverna  Jacob Makoy Nursery Catalogue, 1841, p.10. Orthographic variant for Emelie Taverna.


» English Description

van Houtte Catalogue, 1841, 7:7: Matchless form. Vivid carmine with white centre. Jacob Makoy Nursery Catalogue, 1841, p.10 as ‘Emilie Taverna’: Medium size, imbricated, many petalled, fiery scarlet, tinted pink, central white stripe. Berlèse, 1843, Icono­graphie, vol.3, pl.266 as ‘Emilie Taverna’: The flower, 9-10 cm across is full, regular, round of a red, more or less pale, often rose-pink. The petals in about 8 rows. Those of the first rows are round, very close set; the following are long-oval and those at the centre are ovoid. They are channelled and some are divided down the middle by a line of white. Verschaffelt, 1858, Nou­velle Iconographie, Book IV, pl.I as ‘Emilie Taverna’: Blossoms of medium size, but of perfect form, are composed of numerous and ample ovate petals, scarcely emarginate, regularly imbri­cated, except at the centre, where they are arranged in a sort of ruffled heart, all of a brilliant pink colour with broad, white stripes. Orthographic variants: ‘Emilie Taverna’, ‘Emilia Tav­erna’, ‘Emelia Taverna’. Orthographic error: ‘Emilie Taverina’.


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