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Gallica Alba

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Year Published/Registered1833

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Gallica Alba'

Chinese Name

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French White  Anon., 1830, “Ueber die Cultur der Kamellien”, in Der Blumen Gaertner, p.51, as ‘French Whit’. James Burnell, 1837, The Magazine of Botany and Gardening, vol.3, new series, p.153. Synonym for Gallica Alba.

Gallica  Tourres, Macheteaux Nursery Catalogue, 1839, p.22.Abbreviation for Gallica Alba.

Gallicia Alba  Burnette ed., 1837, Magazine of Botany & Gardening, vol.3, p.153. Orthographic error for Gallica Alba.


» English Description

Jacob Makoy et Cie Catalogue, 1833. No description. Courtois, 1833, Maga­zin d’Horticulture, 1[pt.D]:315: No description. Baumann & Baumann, 1835, Collection de Camel­lies élevés à Bollwieler, pl.38 as ‘Pomp. Gallica Alba’: Large semi-double flower, perfect, milk white, yellowish in the centre; the outer petals are large, rounded and heart-shaped, central petals white, elongated, indented and intermixed with large stamens. James Burnett, 1837, The Magazine of Botany & Gardening, vol.3, new series, p.153: The flower is of that peculiar and deli­cate colour known as french white. It is semi-double, the petals much cupped, interspersed with large stamanea and frequently lightly touched with pink. Berlèse, 1837, Monographie, ed.1, p.54, 125: Vigorous shrub; leaves ovate-oblong, finely serrate, long acuminate; buds oval, pointed, scales green; Flower large, 8.5 cm across, semi-double, of milk white; circumferential petals broad, rounded cordiform; those central, smaller, elongated and intermingled with the stamens. Synonyms: ‘Gallica’, ‘Pomponia Gallica Alba’, ‘French White’. Orthographic error: ‘Gallicia Alba’. Originated in France. See colour pl.28, Berlèse, 1841, Iconographie, vol.I.


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