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Mrs. Abby Wilder

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CountryUnited States

Year Published/Registered1846

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Mrs. Abby Wilder'

Chinese Name

Japanese Name



Abbie Wilder Vanderbilt, 1940, Camellia Research. Orthographic variant of Mrs Abby Wilder.

Abby Wilder de Jonghe, 1851, Traité de la Culture du Camellia, p.94. Abbreviation for Mrs Abby Wilder.

Abby Wilder Imbricata Hazlewood & Jessep, 1972, Check List - Camellia Cultivars from Nursery Catalogues, p.1. Synonym for Mrs Abby Wilder.

Abby Wilders Charles Vuylsteke, 1876-1877, Price List, p.10. Orthographic variation for Mrs Abby Wilder.

Madame Abbey Wilder Shepherd & Co. Catalogue, 1883-1884, p.37. pp.14, 15. Orthographic error for Mrs Abby Wilder.

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» English Description

Hovey, ed., 1846, Magazine of Horticulture, 12:108: Originated by Wilder. This name was given by the committee on flowers in honor of the lady of the President of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society. A vigorous shrub of upright growth; strong branches, large foliage. Leaves 10 cm. long x 6 cm wide, roundish oval, rather reflexed, coarsely dentated, acuminate, midrib and nerves pale and prominent, yellowish green, resembling the variety ‘Lady Hume’, (Incarnata); bud round with pale green scales; flower large, about 10 cm across, very circular, of great depth, full and perfect; petals very numerous, the exterior rows broad, circular. gradually diminishing in size to the centre, arranged with regularity; colour azure white, with an occasional suffusion of light rose, somewhat after the style of the Duchesse d’Orleans. Raised from seed of Middlemist’s Red, fertilized by ‘Pomponia’ (Pompone) by Marshal P. Wilder, Massachusetts, USA. It was sold to James L.F. Warren, a Boston nurseryman, together with Wilderi for $1000 in 1846. Verschaffelt, 1848, Nouvelle Iconographie, Book XI, pl.II and ibid: 1853, Book V, pl.III as ‘Mistriss Abby Wilder’. Being a very pop­ular camellia, it received many orthographic errors and variants including: ‘Abbie Wilder’, ‘Abby Wilder’, ‘Madame Abbey Wilder’, ‘Madame Abby Wilder’, ‘Miss Abby Wilder’, ‘Mis­triss Abbey Wilder’, ‘Mrs Abbi Wilder’, ‘Mrs Abbie Wilder’, ‘Mrs Abby Wilver’, ‘Mrs Abbey P. Wilder’, ‘Mrs Abbey Wilders’, ‘Mme Abby Wilder’, ‘Mrs Abby P. Wilder’, ‘Abbey (Mrs) Wilder’, ‘Mrs Abby Wilder I’, ‘Mistriss Aby-Wilder’, ‘Addy Wilder’, ‘Mrs Abbey P. Wilder’, ‘Mistriss Alby Wilders’. Synonyms: ‘Wilder’s Alba’, ‘Wilderi Alba’. Sports: Reine des Beautés, Paolina Armari, Duchesse de Berry.


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