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Nicky Crisp

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CountryNew Zealand

Year Published/Registered1979

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

AGM Type

Scientific Name:Camellia 'Nicky Crisp'

Chinese Name:克里斯波

Japanese Name

Meaning: named for the breeder's grandson, Nicky Crisp, and not for the flowers’ crisp quality


Kelisibo  Shao, Taichong, 1992, The Observations from the Camellia World, p.73, No.275. Chinese synonym for the NZ hybrid Nicky Crisp.

克里斯波  高继银,1998,世界名贵茶花,p.145, No.3.

小蛾嵋  茶花林目录,1992-2006, p.18/28, No.311.

尼凯  沈荫椿,2009,山茶,p.154.


» English Description

New Zealand Camellia Bulletin, 1979, Vol.XI, No.3, p.20, Reg. No. 143: A hybrid raised by Mrs A.B. Durrant, Rotorua, New Zealand from a cross C.pitardii var. pitardii x C.japonica, which first flowered 1972. The plant is compact, slow growing with dark green leaves, 8.5 cm x 3.5 cm., keeled and finely serrate. The flowers are an open semi-dou­ble, 11 cm across x 3.5 cm deep with 16 petals with deeply notched margins, cream filaments, gold anthers, which remain after the flower has fallen. The flower is pale lavender pink (RHS.CC. Red-Purple Group, 62C-D with 62B on reverse). Flowers early to late. Chinese syn­onym: ‘Kelisibo’. As in Bradford King's paper “Spotlight: Camellia Hybrid Nick Crisp", published in The Camellia Journal, 2011, September-November, Vol.66, No.3, p.2:" named for her grandson, Nicky Crisp, and not for the flowers’ crisp quality".

» Chinese Description

高继银、苏玉华、胡羡聪,2007. 《国内外茶花名种识别与欣赏》,���305页。新西兰A.B.Durrant女士培育,系西南红山茶(C.pitardii)与红山茶之间的杂交种。花淡粉红色,花心小花瓣偶现白色,半重瓣型,大型花(10~13cm),花瓣16枚,倒卵圆形,排列松散,瓣面有细脉纹,花心有少量短雄蕊和小花瓣,花朵稠密。叶片浓绿色,椭圆形,叶齿细,植株紧凑,生长缓慢。花期早至晚。

朱國棟、蔡燦玉,2011. 《台灣茶花族譜》,p.197. 1979,新西兰RotoruaMrs A.B. Durrant培育选出。C. pitardii var. pitardii(西南山茶)x C. japonica(红山茶)。初花1972年。半重瓣、平开、淡紫红、大轮(11 x 3.5cm)、花瓣约16枚、先端深凹缺、花期12~3月、树性浓密、生长缓慢。Nicky Crisp (克里斯波)一高继银,1998,世界名贵茶花,p.145, No.3. Nicky Crisp (小蛾嵋)一茶花林目录,1992-2006, p.18/28, No.311. Nicky Crisp (尼凯)一沈荫椿,2009,山茶,p.154.


Flower Size10-13 cm

Blooming Season12-3 Month New Zealand