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Virginia Philipson

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Year Published/Registered1855

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Virginia Philipson'

Chinese Name

Japanese Name



Virgine Philippson  Real Campanhia Horticolo-Agricola Portuense Catalogue, No.29, 1895-1896, p.56. Orthographic error for Virginia Philipson.


» English Description

Franchetti, 1855, Collezione di Camelie, p.62: Outer and central petals a softer pink, a little paler than Sacco. Intermediate petals paler with some soft white sreaks. Petals transparent and thin. Imbricated. Verschaffelt, 1857, Nouvelle Iconographie, Book II, pl.III: We are indebted for this variety to Mr C. Franchetti who obtained it from seed. The blossoms are of medium size, a delicate pink of a paler shade at the centre where only a few vague stripes appear. The petals arrangement is intermediate between the perfect and the irregular imbrication. With the exception of those of the circumference, the imbrication of which is flawless, the following petals are inserted in a somewhat disorderly way and are deeply emarginate at the apex. Originated in Florence, Italy. Orthographic error: ‘Vergine Philippson’.


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Blooming Season Italy