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Xicha 11

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Year Published/Registered2014

Cultivar Type:For Tea

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Scientific Name:Camellia sinensis 'Xicha 11'

Chinese Name:锡茶11号

Japanese Name



» English Description

Xicha 11. (C. sinensis). Yang Yajun and Liang Yuerong, 2014. Clone Cultivars of Tea in China. p.48. 

Origin  by the  Tea Research institute of Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province in 1974-1987 from the seedlings of Dayecha. In Jiangsu's Yixing, Wuxi, Miriam, GaoQi has cultivation. Anhui, Hunan, Shandong, Henan and other provinces have introduced species. In 1994, it was approved by the National Crop Variety  Committee, number GS13006-1994.

Plant tall,  half open, branched densely. The leaves are horizontal or oblique, oval, leafy green, rich luster, leaf ypheves, leaf body flat, leaf edge microwave, leaf tip gradually slightly sagging, leaf teeth shallow, leaf yin. Corolla diameter 3.6cm, sliver 5 pieces, hairless, petal white, 7 petals, ovary hair medium, flower column 3 crack. The firmness is high, the seed weighs 142.5g and the seed diameter is 1.5cm.

The spring germination period was moderate, observed at the Wuxi Tea Research Institute in 2011 and 2012, and the initial extension of one bud and two leaves occurred on April 12 and April 13. Bud leaf fertility is strong, light color, more fat, hairy, a bud three-leaf bud weight 53.8g. Spring tea one bud two-leaf dry sample contains about 17.5% of tea polyphenols, amino acids 3.4%, coffee base 3.5%, water-soaked 49.6%. Medium yield, 200kg of fresh leaves per 667m2. Tailored black tea, tea, high quality. Strong cold resistance.

Suitable planting area: The north-south tea area of the Yangtze River.

Cultivation points: according to the regular tea garden cultivation management. Pay attention to the prevention and control of pests of Smaller Green Leafhopper and Ectropis obliqua prout.

» Chinese Description

杨亚军,梁月荣. 2014. 《中国无性系茶树品种志》47页。锡茶11号


【形态特征】 植株较高,树姿半开张,分枝密。叶片呈水平或上斜状着生,椭圆形,叶色绿,富光泽,叶面隆起,叶身平,叶缘微波,叶尖渐尖略下垂,叶齿较疏浅,叶质较薄。花冠直径3.6cm,萼片5枚、无毛,花瓣白色、7瓣,子房葺毛中等,花柱3裂。结实性较高,种子百粒重142.5g,种径1.5cm。

【特性】 春季萌发期中等,2011年和2012年在无锡茶叶研究所观测,一芽二叶初展期分別出现于4月12日和4月13日。芽叶生育力強,淡緑色,较肥壮,茸毛多,一芽三叶百芽重53.8g。春茶一芽二叶干样约含茶多酚17.5%、氨基酸3.4%、咖啡碱3.5%、水浸出物49.6%。产量中等,每667㎡可产鲜叶200kg。适制红茶、緑茶,品质优良。耐寒性较强。




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