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How to manage your photos?

20 February 2023  423 By: wangzhonglang

中文指南请点击:🔗如何管理您的照片? (

How to manage your photos?

Fill in a photo’s information

After logging in to the International Camellia Database, click on your avatar and select Upload in the drop-down menu to enter the album.

When you select a photo, fill in the photo information in the menu bar on the right side of the page, as shown in Figure 1.

Fig. 1 Edit list for photo information

There are six fields in the menu list for photo information, including:TitleIdentifyCopyrightDescriptionKeyWordLocation


Title:Photo’s name, automatically fill in when uploading.


Identify:When uploading it will be filled with  photo’s file name, pls change the name in the list of Cultivar Epithet.

It is most important information, this photo then can be link with cultivar! when you typing a name, the database will give you tip on names from the database. (Fig. 2)

Fig. 2  The database will give you tip on names from the database.


Copyright:Please fill in the copyright owner’s Name. (Fig 3. Fig 4.)

The DICR's design is that only uploaders can fill in and modify copyright information in their own albums.

Therefore, the uploader is responsible for the copyright information provided in his own album listings in DICR. It is the uploader's responsibility to ensure that the copyright information is true.

If someone else finds that the uploader has incorrectly recorded the copyright information of the photos, they can send an evidence email (🔗 to DICR, and the DICR will immediately send an email to the uploader asking him to correct the copyright information or delete those photos that are incorrectly copyrighted, unless he can provide strong evidence that the photos belong to him.

If the uploader is unable to provide evidence but insists on making any changes, the DICR suspends his account and stops him from showing all the photos in his own album to the public.

Fig. 3  Please fill in the copyright owner’s Name. 

Fig. 4 Fill in the name of the copyright owner of the ancient painting


Description:If needed, fill in any description, comment or story, etc. to better understand the This color of the flower in this photo is lighter than actual. 


KeyWord:Please fill in the keywords from the boxes below or select from the suggested keywords.Please select at least one keyword. You can select multiple keywords at the same time.(Fig 5.)

Fig. 5 Fill in or select a keyword, at least one keyword


Location:Please fill the location name where you took the photo.( Fig. 6 )

 Fig. 6 Fill the location name where you took the photo.


Please DO REMEMBER to click   SAVE   each time you make changes. (Fig. 7)  

Fig. 7 After clicking    SAVE   , it will display "  Uploaded photo successful ! "


Please fill in photo’s detail information as possible as you can, including Title, Identify, Copyright, Description, Keywords and Location.

Among these fields, the Identify and Copyright are most important fields. When uploading the field of Identify will be filled automatically with photo’s file name (If your photo was name by Cultivar’s name, it will be easier to fill the field) , pls change the name in the list of Cultivar Epithet. It is most important information, this photo then can be link with cultivar! when you typing a name, the database will give you suggestion the names from the database. 


After the photo is successfully uploaded, click the ‘’ tool button in the upper left corner of the photo, and the window of 'Photo's toolbox will open to edit the photo online. This is shown in Figure 8.

Fig. 8  Click the  tool button in the upper left corner of the photo.


As shown in Figure 9, you can adjust the size of the photo in 'Aspect ratio', you can choose '  Free  ' to adjust freely, or you can choose the provided ratio.

At the same time, below the photo there are buttons to reset, zoom in and out, move up and down, move left and right, rotate -90 deg and rotae+90 deg, and Scale X and Scale Y, you can get the new photo through the toolbox on the left.

Refer to 'Preview' on the far right of the window, you can preview the edited photo, note that please wait a while while loading the original photo.

After editing, click the  ✔Save  button in the lower right corner to save.

Fig. 9  The window of 'Photo's toolbox

Information display in a photo detail page

Once you've filled in your photo information, click the name link below the photo to go to the photo details page.(Fig. 10Fig. 11

Fig. 10 click the name link below the photo

Fig. 11 Go to the photo details page.


You could share this photo to your facebook, tweeter, WeChat and many other social media. 

On the left side, you could see the label that in this photo you can see some elementsputaohong , flowers , petals and leaves. This is the Identify and Keyword you just added.

Click on these labels to access the associated photo gallery.

For example, clicking on the  putaohong  label in Figure 9 will see all the photos about putaohong in DICR.(Fig. 12 )

Fig. 12 All the photos of the Puaohong in DICR.

If you upload original photo, it will automatically show the Camera related information, in Fig. 13.

Fig. 13 When you upload the original picture, it automatically displays the Camera information.

For example, it shows that the photo was taken by a phone with a model Oppo R9tm with an aperture 2.2 and a 3.5mm lens in Fig. 13.

It was taken in Kunming Botanical Garden, and the copyright is belong to Chen Xiaojing. The photo was taken at 12:02:01 on 20 Feb. 2023, and it was uploaded at 15:36:03 on 20 Feb. 2023.


In Fig. 13, the item Name is Putaohong , before the name you can see it has a green dot that means this photo is connected to the Cultivar Epithet successfully, and you can click the name Putaohong and it will go the the cultivar introduce page.(Fig. 14 )

Fig. 14 Go to the cultivar introduce page

Copyright for a photo is very important. You could see each photo was clearly marked who own this photo’s copyright no matter it was display in cultivar page(Fig. 15), photos page(Fig. 16) or a photo’s detail page in any places in the DICR(Fig. 17). 

Fig. 15 The copyraight in cultivar page.

Fig. 16 The copyraight in Photo page.

Fig. 17 The copyraight in any places in the DICR.

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