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    31 Jul 2022 678

    Awareness of our ICS Declaration to conserve ancient and historic camellia trees (ApoliuDeclaration)will be raised in a brief presentation at this global conference of botanic gardens representatives. The Congress will be held at the Melbourne Botanic Gardens, Australia, in conjunction with Botanic G…[more]

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    4 Jul 2022 356

    In this first semester a lot of work has been done.Frieda Delvaux, our Web Manager, released our new website, multilingual, and with a much more modern interface. You can read more in Let me proudly underline that both the mul…[more]

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    23 Jun 2022 1284

    1. 单色花 Single color Flower.IDNameDescriptionPhoto11White白色 日文描述中:[花]白、中文:白色12Pink粉红色日文描述中:桃色、淡紅色、 桃紅色、淡桃色、極淡桃色、極淡い鵠色、極薄桃色、明るい桃色、濃桃色中文:粉红色、桃红色、银红色13Red红色日文描述中:紅色、朱紅色、鮮紅色中文:红色、洋红、鲜红色、14Deep …[more]

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    23 Jun 2022 360

    NameDescriptionSample photoMiniature极小型花極小輪less then 6 cmSmall小型花小輪6 to 8 cmMedium中型花中輪8 to 10 cmLarge大型花大輪10 to 13 cmVery Large超大型花極大輪Over 13 cm[more]

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    23 Jun 2022 177

    Northern Hemisphere北半球Southern Hemisphere南半球Early早花期October to January10-1月March to June3-6月Mid-season中花期January to March1-3月June to August6-8月Late晚花期March to May3-5月August to October8-10月[more]

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    21 Jun 2022 1333

    1. 单瓣型Single.It has one row of not over eight petals, which can be regular, irregular or loosely arranged about a central, conspicuous stamen cluster, but without petaloids. 'Spencers Pink', 'Kamohonnami', and 'Alba Simplex' are typical examples. The Japanese, who favor the single type, have again…[more]

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    16 Jun 2022 171

    The next International Camellia Congress will be in Italy. Our president of ICS, prof. Gianmario Motta, had a draft program for Pre-congress tour (Tuscany) on March 21-25, Congress (Lake Maggiore on March 26-29), Post-congress tour (thress lakes, on March 29-31). Please check the following PPT sent b…[more]

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    14 Jun 2022 242

    From the website, totally 96 camellias were reviewed as Award of Garden Merit (AGM) plants. The RHS Award of Garden Merit (AGM) helps gardeners choose the best plants for their garden. The AGM information was added to each camellias in…[more]

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    13 Jun 2022 139

    山茶属系统分类的重要专著:张宏达(1981)《山茶属植物的系统研究》(A Taxonomy of the Genus Camellia). 中山大学学报(自然科学版)论丛【1】已全文录入到本库中。英文版的Chang Hung-ta and Bruce Bartholomew (1984) Camellias. 也全文录入到本库了。请访问…[more]

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    12 Jun 2022 153

    The book Camellias (1984) , edited by Chang Hung-ta and Bruce Bartholomew, was a very important taxonomic book for the genus Camellia. Now all species (including subsp. and var.) were added to the Database of International Camellia Register. please visit:…[more]