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Batch edit many photos copyright, location and identify etc.

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中文指南:🔗批量编辑大量照片版权、位置和标识等。 (

Batch edit many photos copyright, location and identify etc.

Once logged in to the database, select Upload from the drop-down menu to enter your personal album.

As shown in Figure 1, there are many items to fill in for each photo, so the database has designed a tool to change or fill in the copyright, location, and logo, etc. in bulk, as shown in Figure 2.

Fig. 1 Editing 1 photo

Fig. 2  A tool to batch change

When you upload photos in Album or after opening the album, you can click the "Refresh" button on the top right corner, then all photos in the album will be rearranged by date and time, and the latest photo will be at the top.

Click the ” Batch Tools “button, the Bulk Edit Tool button (Fig 3.), to open the bulk edit options (Fig 4.), including 8 items: All,  Move  🗑Delete , 🔖Identify , ©Copyright, Location,👁️‍🗨️Public and Unpublic.

Clicking  Batch Tools “ again will exit bulk editing.

Fig 3. Click the ” Batch Tools “button

Fig. 4  Open the batch edit options

All: After clicking the '▢ All' button, all the pictures in the current folder will be selected.

Alternatively, you can also select the photos you want to edit in bulk, and the bottom left corner of the selected photos will appear:  .


Move  :After selecting some photos, click the✂ Move button  to batch move photos to other subfolders of the album.(Fig. 4)

Select the subfolder in the list and click  Confirm  to complete the move.

Fig. 5 Batch move photos to other subfolders


Delete :Click the ‘🗑Delete button to delete the selected photos in batches.


Identify :After selecting the photos that need to be edited in bulk, click the🔖Identify button to edit the varieties of photos in bulk.

As you type the name, the database will give you a suggestion for the name from the database, and Then click  Confirm  to complete the bulk filling operation.(Fig. 6)

Fig. 6 Bulk edit the Identify of photos (the database will give you suggestions for names from the database)


Copyright:After selecting the photo, click the ‘©Copyright button , you can modify and fill in the name or copyright source of the copyright owner of the photo in batches, complete the signature of the photo of the same copyright at a time, and finally click  Confirm  to complete the operation. This is shown in Figure 7.

For example, enter all the photos (1010 photos) in the folder "Books: 1998_Striling 1998_Striling Macoboy" and finish entering all 1010 copyrighted photos (Figure 8).

Fig. 7 Bulk edit the copyright owner name of the photo.

Fig. 8 Complete entering all 1010 copyrighted photos.


Location:After selecting the photos that need to be edited in batches, click the ‘Location’ button to modify and fill in the shooting locations in batches, as shown in Figure 9, and then click  Confirm  to complete the operation.

Fig. 9 Bulk edit the Location of photos.


Public and Unpublic:

If you click '👁️‍🗨️Public' button, all these photos can be seen by visitors of DICR.

If you select 'Unpublic' button, these selected photos will be seen by uploader only, like private photos.


And then click  Confirm  to finish.


After editing, click '∧ Batch Tools' will exit the bulk edit.



Only camellia related photos are allowed to upload! 

Any other photos which are no relationship to Camellias, such as animal, naked body, building, clothes etc. are prohibited to upload to the DICR. If a user uploaded such kind of photos (no related to Camellias), then he will receive warning message from the manager. Please follow above provisions conscientiously. In case of any breach, the manager has rights to rectify and stop it. These kinds of users might be terminated FOREVER their account for the DICR.


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