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Arciduchessa Augusta

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Year Published/Registered1846

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Arciduchessa Augusta'

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Japanese Name



Aartshetogin Augusta  de Jonghe, Beknopte Handleiding tot het Kweeken von Camellias, p.107. Orthographic variant for Arciduchessa Augusta.

Achiduchesse Augusta  Auguste van Geert Nursery Catalogue, No.65, 1869-1870, p.49. Orthographic error for Arciduchessa Augusta.

Arch Duchess Augusta  Wicks, W.C., Ltd., Catalogue, 1978. Orthographic error for Arciduchessa Augusta.

Archduchess Augusta  Florist, Fruitist and Garden Miscellany, 1859. Orthographic variant for Arciduchessa Augusta.

Archduchessa August  The Saville Garden Catalogue, 1978. Orthographic error for Arciduchessa Augusta.

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» English Description

van Houtte, 1846-1847, Catalogue, 27:19 as ‘Archiduchessa August’: Imbricated. Beautiful red. Verschaffelt, 1852, Nouvelle Iconographie, Book VIII, pl.IV: Sometimes the petals, by their imbrication, form radiated, almost regular series, sometimes spiral-alternate. The double colouring a rich, vivid crimson, intersected in the middle of the petals by a double, sometimes triple, white stripe at the centre; these stripes join to form one which can be variegated by some purple stripes. As the bloom ages the colouring becomes paler and a lilac coloured or pale violet margin appears on the petals. Burnier & Grilli in the Gardeners’ Chronicle, No.6, 1850, gives Puccini as identical. The variety was originally raised by M. Jos. Piccioli, Florence, Italy, who offered it to Burnier & Grilli. They rejected it as they found it too similar to their Puccini. He then disposed of it to M. Vicenzo Corsi in 1845, who sold it to van Houtte. It was erroneously equated with ‘Pecchioliana’ by van Huotte in his Flore des Serres. This is a synonym for the Burnier & Grilli variety, Contessa Nencini. From this his­tory it would seem that Arciduchessa Augusta and Puccini are not truly synonymous, but very similar. Orthographic variants and errors: ‘Archduchess Augusta’, ‘Archiduchesse Augusta’, ‘Archduchessa Augusta’, ‘Archduchesse Augusta’, ‘Arch Duchesse Auguste d’Orleans’, ‘Archiduchessa Augusta’, ‘Archiduchesse Auguste’, ‘Archiduchesse Auguste Marie’, ‘Achiduchesse Augusta’.


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