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Bella d'Ardiglione

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Year Published/Registered1851

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Bella d'Ardiglione'

Chinese Name

Japanese Name



Bella Ardiglione Tirocco, La Camelia, 1928. Orthographic error for Bella d’Ardiglione.

Bella d'Ardiglioni B.S.Williams, 1872, General Catalogue of Plants, p.82. Orthographic error for Bella d’Ardiglione.

Bella d'Arglione McIlhenny Catalogue, 1935, p.2. Orthographic error for Bella d’Ardiglione.

Bella d'Arglioni Real Companhia Horticolo-Agricola, Portuense Catalogue, ca.1904, No.40. Orthographic error for Bella d’Ardiglione.

Bella d'Arlignione Gardeners’ Chronicle, 1879, vol.12, p.656. Orthographic error for Bella d’Ardiglione.

Bella d'Arlignone Paul, 1889, Gardeners’ Chronicle, p.427. Orthographic error for Bella d’Ardiglione.

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» English Description

Prof. Attilio Tassi, 1851, I Giardini giornal d’orticultura. Verschaffelt, 1856, Nouvelle Iconographie, Book VII, pl.I: If one considers the flawless imbrication of its blos­soms, this variety is one of the most beautiful of the class called Perfections. Added to this is a vivid, uniform carmine cherry colouring and luxuriant growth. It was obtained from seed by Santarelli in Florence, Italy. Franchetti, 1855, Collezione di Camelie, p.13: Very large, perfectly imbricated, brick red veined violet, with all the petals lightly edged a constant pallid white colouring. In the 1866-1867 Catalogue, 116:16, van Houtte describes this as: Very large, thick­ness of petals, tiered imbrication; the outer petals pale cerise, the others, at the extreme centre, lavender pink. Orthographic errors include: ‘Bella d’Arlignione’, ‘Bella d’Arlignone’, ‘Bella d’Arglione’, ‘Bella d’Artiglione’, ‘Bella Ardiglione’, ‘Bella d’Arglioni’, ‘Bella d’Ardiglioni’, ‘Delle d’Ardiglioni’, ‘Bella Dardiglione’, ‘Bella d’Ardiglioni’.