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Butterfly Girl

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Year Published/Registered1995

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia 'Butterfly Girl'

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Butterfly Girl. (C. reticulata hybrid).  535. Applicant and Originator: Dr R.M. Withers, 23 Melissa Street, Donvale, Vic, 3111. • A controlled cross between seed parent C. reticulata hybrid 'Suzanne Withers' and pollen parent C. reticulata hybrid 'Jean Pursel'. First flowered 1995. A semi-double to peony form flower of 30 petals, with a large central boss of stamens split by several petals. Pale pink, fading in colour towards centre of flower, RHS 68D to 69B, 140 mm x 70 mm. Flowers floriferously mid-season on an open, upright, rapid growing plant. Leaves dark green, glossy, flat, elliptic, 110 mm x 50 mm. Best Seedling A.C.R.S. National Show, Albury, 1998. Best Seedling Victorian Branch, 1999. Application received 5 September, 2000 from Victorian Branch. Propagation: Rhodo Glen Nurseries, The Patch, Vic, 3792.


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