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Don Camillo Borghese

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Year Published/Registered1857

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Don Camillo Borghese'

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Borghese Don Camillo  Medici Spada, 1857, Catalogo nel Giardino a Villa Quiete, p.8. Orthographic variant for Don Camillo Borghese.

D.Camello Borghese  van Houtte Catalogue, 1864-1865, 104:80. Abbreviation for Don Camillo Borghese.

Dom Camille Borghese  Jules Menoreau Nursery Catalogue, 1886, p.12. Orthographic error for Don Camillo Borghèse.

Dom Camille Borgliese  SCCS., 1951, The Camellia. Its Culture and Nomenclature. Orthographic error for Don Camillo Borghèse.

Don Baptiste Borghese  Osborne & Son, Fulham Nursery Catalogue, 1880, p.46. Synonym for Don Camillo Borghese.

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» English Description

Medici Spada, 1857, Catalogo nel Giardino a Villa Quiete, p.8 as ‘Borghese, Don Camillo’: Petals star-like, neatly striped with white, straw yellow; intense rosy carmine. Auguste van Geert, 1863-1864, Catalogue No.54, p.36: Star-like imbrication, variegated distinctly with straw-yellow and carmine. These tints do not merge together as in most cases but superimpose themselves distinctly as in many tulip varieties. Originated in the Giardino Borghese, Rome, Italy. Orthographic errors and variants: ‘Don Camillo Borghesi’, ‘Don Camille Borghese’, ‘Don Cammillo Borghese’, ‘Dom Camillo Borghese’, ‘Dom Camille Borgliese’, ‘Borghese, Don Camillo’, ‘Don Camillo Baptista Borghese’. Synonym: ‘Don Camellio-Bap­tiste Borghese’. Abbreviation: ‘D. Camillo Borghese’.


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