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Fañch le Moal

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Year Published/Registered2019

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia 'Fañch le Moal'

Chinese Name:法尼奇

Japanese Name

Meaning:Originator's name


» English Description

Fañch le Moal (C.x williamsii) European Reg. No. 140   seedling of unknown parents, both thought to be C.x williamsii camellias.  Grown and named by Fañch Le Moal, of Park ar Brug, Plouisy, Brittany, France.   First established in 1986, with first blooming in 1991.   Introduced in “Catalogue des obtentions bretonnes du Camellia”, published by the Société bretonne du Camellia, 2012.   Named for the originator, a renowned Breton camellia specialist.   The camellia is a slow-growing, prostrate plant that blooms early to mid-season, with a long blooming season.  Flower buds are lanceolate, and light green.  The medium-sized flat single flowers, of an average 7 petals, are white (RHS white group 155B), edged with pale to deeper red-purple (RHS 62B group).  Stamens are columnar, with yellow anthers and white filaments.  The medium-sized leaves are dark green and flat. Fruit development is sparse.

» Chinese Description

Fañchle Moal(C.x williamsii)欧洲登录号140号。双亲不明的实生苗,但双亲都被认为是 williamsii类的。 由法国布列塔尼Plouisy的Fañch Le Moal培育并命名。 最早于1986年获得杂交种子,1991年首次开花。发表在法国山茶学会出版的Catalogue des obtentions bretonnes du Camellia。2012年,以培育者--著名的山茶专家的名字命名。 该品种生长缓慢,早花类型,开花期长。 花蕾披针形,浅绿色。 单瓣花,中等大小,瓣平,约7个花瓣,白色(RHSCC 155B),边缘淡紫色至深红色(RHSCC 62B)。 雄蕊筒状,有黄色的花药和白色的花丝。 叶中等大小,深绿色的,平坦。 稀见果实。


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