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Guoyou 14

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Year Published/Registered2018

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia oleifera 'Guoyou 14'

Chinese Name:国油14

Japanese Name



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Guoyou 14 (C. oleifera), a new variety authorized by the State Forestry and Grassland Administration of China in 2018, with the variety right number: 20180108, which was bred by Chen Longsheng, Wang Xiangnan, Chen Yongzhong and others from the Hunan Academy of Forestry Sciences.  Canopy relatively compact. Leaves long elliptical, with fine serrations or blunt teeth on the edges, apex acuminate, 5.0-7.2cm long, and 2.0-3.2cm wide. Flowers white, terminal, axillary, solitary, twin, with 5-8 petals, oblong or obovate, with concave apex. Flowering period from late October to January of the following year. Capsules oblate, red or yellow-red, with a diameter of 4.8cm and a height of 4.3cm. The average weight of a single fruit is 46g, and the larger one can reach 65g. Each fruit has 3-11 seeds. The fresh seed rate of fresh fruits was 46.1%, and the oil content of dry seeds was 34.6%. The fruit ripening period is in late October.

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