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Maculata Perfecta

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Year Published/Registered1849

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Maculata Perfecta'

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Crociata Nova  Rovelli Catalogue, 1852, p.15. Orthographic error for Cruciata Nova, synonym for Maculata Perfecta.

Crociata Nuova  Luzzatti, 1851, Collezione di Camelie, p.13. Orthographic error for Cruciata Nova, synonym for Maculata Perfecta.

Cruciata Panaché  van Houtte Catalogue, 1858, 72:17. Syonym for Maculata Perfecta.

Macula Perfecta  Chidamian, 1959, Camellias for Everyone. Orthographic error for Maculata Perfecta.

Maculada Perfecta  Loureiro Catalogue, No.9, 1872-1873. Orthographic variant for Maculata Perfecta.

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» English Description

Verschaffelt, 1849, Nouvelle Iconographie, Book VIII, pl.I: By the arrangement of its numerous, erect and imbricated petals, it resembles a large, hundred petalled rose; to this is added a pink colour, streaked a pure white. At the centre it has upright, serried petals and it measures 12 cm or more in diameter. Mercatelli Catalogue, 1881: Imbri­cated flower, sometimes silky rose with white stripes, sometimes white with red streaks, some­times striped and marbled. It was originated in 1846 by M. Ch. De Loose of Ghent, Belgium as a sport of Cruciata. In 1849 van Houtte published the name ‘Cruciata Nova, de Pronay’ as a syn­onym. Other synonyms: ‘Cruciata Panaché’, ‘Maculata Perfecta’(de Loose) ‘Varische Vera’. Orthographic errors: ‘Maculata Perfetta’, ‘Maculada Perfecta’, ‘Macula Perfecta’, ‘Manculata Perfecta’. Van Houtte Catalogue, 1859, 77:53 gives this variety as a synonym for ‘Contessa de Spauri’ (as ‘Spaur’) but this is rejected as the evidence is not conclusive.


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