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Year Published/Registered1844

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Madoni'

Chinese Name

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Madona  Oudin Nursery Catalogue, 1845-1846, p.45. Verschaffelt, 1850, Nouvelle Iconographie, Book I, pl.III: Orthographic error for Madoni.

Madonna Variegated  Feray’s Fine Flowers Catalogue, 1960 as ‘Madonna Vari.’. Synonym for Madoni.

Madonna  Berlèse, 1849, Annales de la Société Royale d’Horticulture de Paris, 40:81 as a synonym for Madoni. In America this name has been used erroneously for Comte de Gomer and Anna Frost.


» English Description

Verschaffelt, 1844-1845, Catalogue, No.50, p.26. No description. Burdin Maggiore & Co. Catalogue, 1845-1846. No description. Oudin Nursery Catalogue, 1845-1846, p.45 as ‘Madona’: Large size, imbricated, pure white, carmine stripes. Auguste van Geert Catalogue. 1848, p.19 as ‘Madonna’: Very large size, irnbricated, pure white circled carmine. Berlèse, 1849, Annales de la Société Central d’Horticulture de Paris, 40:81: A formal double about 10 cm across. White with a margin of pale carmine red. Petals in 6 rows, large, shell-like, serried and imbricated with admirable symmetry. Flowers of the above colours are usually quite variable and the modern cultivar associated with this name is a blush white formal double, pencilled and speckled rose. Verschaffelt, 1850, Nouvelle Iconographie, Book I, Pl.III. There is some confusion regarding the names ‘Madona’, ‘Madonna’, and ‘Madoni’ as, although the first and second have been used as orthographic variants of the third, they are the valid names of separate and distinct cultivars. ‘Madoni’ is an Italian family name, the others refer to the Virgin Mary. Originated in Italy. Synonym: ‘Madonna Variegated’. Pseudonyms: ‘Madonna’, ‘Madona’. Sport: Madona Rosea. Received an RHS First Class Certificate in 1865 as ‘Madonna’. From Madoni according to Rovelli, 1852.


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Blooming Season Italy