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Mrs Dombrain

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Year Published/Registered1866

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

AGM Type

Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Mrs Dombrain'

Chinese Name

Japanese Name



Mad. Dombrain  Oriental Importing Co. Catalogue. 1887. p.26. Abbreviation for ‘Madame Dom­brain’. synonym for Mrs Dombrain.

Madame Dombrain  Hovey, ed., 1867, Magazine of Horticulture. Orthographic variant for Mrs Dombrain.

Mistress D'Ombrain  Roda Catalogue, 1885, p.47. Orthographic variant for Mrs Dombrain.

Mistress Dombrain  J. Linden Nursery Catalogue, 1878-1879, p.6. Orthographic variant for Mrs Dombrain.

Mistriss Dombrain  Jean Verschaffelt Catalogue No.11, 1867-1868, p.44. Orthographic variant for Mrs Dombrain.

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» English Description

Lemaire, ed., 1866, L’Illustration Horticole, vol.13, pl.488: The flowers of large size, are soft pink, fresh and delicate, fading towards the petal edge and with a veining of a deeper colour. The petals are small, of good substance, closely imbricated with geometrical regularity; those external are round, the inner oval. Originated by Mr Van Eeckhaute, Lede­berg, Belgium. Also illustrated in The Floral Magazine, vol.6, 1867, pl.330. Orthographic vari­ants: ‘Mistriss Dombrain’. ‘Madame Dombrain’. Orthographic errors: ‘Mrs Doubrain’, ‘Mistriss D’Ombrain’.


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Blooming Season Belgium