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Onore Della Torre

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Year Published/Registered1846

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Onore Della Torre'

Chinese Name

Japanese Name



Onor del Torre  Auguste van Geert, 1854, Catalogue, No.36, p.41. Orthographic error for Onore Della Torre.

Onor della Torre  Charles van Geert Catalogue, 1845, p.11. Orthographic variant for Onore Della Torre.

Onor  Loddiges Catalogue, 1849, p.35. Abbreviation for Onore della Torre.

Onordalla  Downing Nursery Catalogue [before 1858]. Orthographic error for Onore della Torre.

Onore della Forre  Verschaffelt Catalogue, 1846, p.57. Orthographic error for Onore della Torre.

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» English Description

Burnier & Grilli Catalogue, 1846-1847, Flower, regular, ash white, inscribed and marbled with rose. de Jonghe, 1851, Traité de la Culture du Camellia, p.117: Beautiful pure white flower, streaked and marbled with pink. Verschaffelt, 1852, Nouvelle Iconogra­phie, Book II, pl.I as ‘Onor della Torre’: A feature of this variety is the multiplicity of the petals which are imbricated with perfect regularity and decrease in size regularly from the circumfer­ence to the centre. Of a well rounded form, emarginated at the summit, they spread out as they open, but towards the centre remain somewhat erect and concave. A beautiful pink colouring with a white, transverse stripe. It is of Italian origin and has been grown commercially for 5 or 6 years. Originated in Italy by Benucci. Orthographic variant: ‘Ortor della Torre’. Orthographic errors: ‘Onore della Forre’, ‘Onordalla’, ‘Onore della Sorre’, ‘Onor del Tore’.


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Blooming Season Italy