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Onore di Bibbiani

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Year Published/Registered1843

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Onore di Bibbiani'

Chinese Name

Japanese Name



Onor de Bibiana  Fendig, 1953, American Camellia Catalogue. Orthographic error for Onore di Bib­biani.

Onor di Bibbiana  Charles van Geert, 1847, Catalogue, No.101, p.17. Orthographic error for Onore di Bibbiani.

Onor di Bibbiani  Ridolfi, Florence Nursery Catalogue, 1848, p.8. Orthographic variant for Onore di Bibbiani.

Onor di Bibiana  Auguste van Geert Nursery Catalogue, 1848, p.20. Orthographic error for Onore di Bibbiani.

Onore de Bibbianni  Verschaffelt Catalogue, 1847-1848, p.60. Orthographic error for Onore de Bibbiani.


» English Description

Ridolfi, 1843, Catalogue of Camellias Cultivated at Bibbiani as ‘Onore di Bibiani’. No description. Burnier & Grilli Catalogue, 1846-1847. Flower a well imbricated white with stripes of carmine. Originated in Italy by Ridolfi, Florence, Catalogue, 1848, p.8 as ‘Onor di Bibbiani’: A flower of perfect regularity and imbrication; deep blush, speckled and streaked with carmine and pink. Orthographic variant: ‘Onor di Bibbiani’. Orthographic errors: ‘Onor di Bibbiana’, ‘L’Onore di Bibbiana’, ‘Onor de Bibiana’, ‘Onore di Bibbianni’, ‘Onor di Bibiana’. Syn­onym: ‘Etrusca’.


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Blooming Season Italy