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Prince Frederick William

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Year Published/Registered1872

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Prince Frederick William'

Chinese Name

Japanese Name



Early Prince  ACRS., 1960, Camellia Annual. Synonym for Prince Frederick William. A name given to an early flowering form.

Prince F. William  Mark S. Cannon Scion Catalogue, 1962, p.9. Abbreviation for Prince Frederick William.

Prince Frederic William  Prudente Besson & Figlio, Catalogue, 1878, p.42. Orthographic variant for Prince Frederick William.

Prince Frederick of Prussia  Giles & Son Catalogue, 1881, p.92. Orthographic error for Princess Frederick William.

Prince Frederick Wilhelm  James Rare Plant Nursery, California, Catalogue, 1954-1955, p.10. Orthographic variant for Prince Frederick William.

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» English Description

Sheather & Co. Nursery Catalogue, 1872. A delicate shade of light pink. (RHS.CC.China. Rose 024/3) A perfectly imbricated formal double, hardy, vigorous and erect, with ovate, light green foliage. Originated in Australia by Sheather, Paramatta, N.S.W. See pl.IX, Waterhouse, 1952, Camellia Trail. Prince Frederick William was listed a num­ber of times in Europe from 1865 on, but this seems to be an orthographic error for Princess Frederick William. The name ‘Early Prince’ was given for a supposedly early blooming form, but the difference seems insufficient to warrant a separate name and it is reduced to syn­onymity. Orthographic errors: ‘Prince Frederick Wilhelm’, ‘Prince Frederick Williams’. Orthographic variant: ‘Prince Frederic William’. Abbre­viation: ‘Prince F. William’. Received an RHS., Award of Merit in 1953. Sport: Lady Hope.


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