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Princesa Maria Beatriz

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Year Published/Registered2020

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia reticulata 'Princesa Maria Beatriz'

Chinese Name:比阿特丽斯公主

Japanese Name

Meaning:Person's name


» English Description

Princesa Maria Beatriz  (C.reticulata) European Reg. No. 154. It was published in the International Camellia Journal, 2020, 52: 122. Seedling of unknown parentage, originated by Casimiro Alves Bastos, of Valongo Do Vouga, Portugal; first bloomed in 2009.  Named by the originator for his daughter, referring to the nickname, “My Princess”, given by her grandfather when she was born.  The plant shows upright growth, with a medium growth rate.  Buds are fat and elongated, of light green color.  The full semi-double blooms are dark rose pink (Pantone 205C), with a wavy array of petals.  A few same-color petaloids can occur.  Stamens and filaments are yellow, loosely arranged among the petaloids and central petals; usually several of the inner petals have white ribs.  Spent blooms fall whole.  Medium-sized leaves are long and narrow, light green.  Blooming comes in mid-season, over a lengthy time.

» Chinese Description

比阿特丽斯公主 Princesa Maria BeatrizC. reticulata),欧洲登录号154,首次发表于《国际山茶杂志》2020, 52: 122。父母本不明,由葡萄牙的Casimiro Alves Bastos培育,于2009年初花。以培育者的女儿的名字命名,其曾祖父在她出生时给她的昵称我的公主。 植株直立,生长速率中等。芽扁平伸长,浅绿色。 花半重瓣,全开时深玫瑰粉色(Pantone 205C),花瓣波浪形,有时会出现相同颜色的瓣化的花瓣。雄蕊和花丝黄色,散生在花瓣之间。通常几个内花瓣有白色的肋纹。花整朵脱落。 叶中等大,长而狭窄,浅绿色。花期中,时间长。


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