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Sweetii Vera

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CountryUnited States

Year Published/Registered1936

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Sweetii Vera'

Chinese Name

Japanese Name



Lewelling Variegated  Fruitland Nursery Catalogue, 1938-1939, p.18. Orthographic error for ‘Lewellyn Variegated’, synonym for Sweetii Vera.

Lewellyn Variegated  McIlhenny 1937, 600 Varieties of Camellias as ‘Lewellyn Var.’. Synonym for Sweetii Vera. Orthographic errors: ‘Lewelling Variegated’, ‘Llewellyn Variegated’.

Llewellyn Variegated  Vanderbilt, 1941, Camellia Research, II, p.4, as ‘Llewellyn Varie.’. Ortho­graphic error for ‘Lewellyn Variegated’ (Sweetii Vera).

Sweet Vera  Vanderbilt, 1941, Camellia Research, II, p.7. Orthographic error for Sweetii Vera.

Sweeti Vera Variegated  Magnolia Gardens and Nursery Catalogue, 1944-1945. Orthographic error for ‘Sweetii Vera Variegated’, synonym for Sweetii Vera.

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» English Description

Fruitland Nursery Catalogue, 1936-1937 as ‘Sweeti Vera’: White and pale pink, peony form. Fendig, 1949, American Camellia Catalogue: Loose, peony form, flesh pink streaked and dotted rose, 11 cm across x 5.5 cm deep. There are about 11 outer petals, 5 cm long and numerous, large inner petals, irregular in size, shape and formation. Stamens numerous, some central and some in fascicles. Leaves dull-green, slightly twisted at tips, tapered both end, blunt point. Shallow indentations, 8 cm x 5 cm. Hertrich, 1954, Camellias in the Huntington Gar­dens, vol.I, pp.342, 343: Large peony form, Carmine rose 621/1 and /3, the darker tone applying to the flecking and slender striping, 9-10 cm across x 5 cm deep. Petals variable shapes, near orbicular, smooth margins, brief notching, tendency to recurve. Centre of the flower; slightly smaller petals and large petaloids, erect and undulate, intermingled with white filamented. sta­mens. Leaves elliptic, tending to curve and cup, 9-10.5 cm long x 5-6 cm wide, dark glossy green, thickly leathery, coarse serrations, apices abrupt, well defined venation. Synonym: ‘Lewellyn Variegated’. Sport: Lewellyn Red. For colour photo see, Hume, 1946, Camellias in America, facing p.288.


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Blooming Season United States