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Vicomte de Nieuport

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Year Published/Registered1863

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

AGM Type

Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Vicomte de Nieuport'

Chinese Name

Japanese Name



Vicomte de Newport  Carlo Costantini, 1886, Catalogue. Orthographic error for Vicomte de Nieuport.

Vicomte de Nieuwport  de Bisschop Nursery Catalogue, 1937. Orthographic error for Vicomte de Nieuport.

Victor de Nieuport  Vervaenne Catalogue No.11, 1888. Orthographic error for Vicomte de Nieuport.

Visconte de Nieuport  Mariotti Catalogue, 1924, p.17. Orthographic variant for Vicomte de Nieuport.


» English Description

Jean Verschaffelt, 1863-1864, Price List, pp3,42: Listed for the first time. Medium sized flowers of exquisite form, imbricated right to the centre; a beautiful bright pink. A distinguished variety and very floriferous. van Houtte Catalogue, 1865-1866, 110:34: Large, concave flower, imbricated form, satiny rose. Originated by Jean Verschaffelt, Ghent, Belgium. Van Houtte Cata­logue, 1868, 123:59: Beautiful foliage; very large, imbricated flowers similar to ‘Rosa Centifolia’ and in the manner of ‘Marie-Thérèse’ (Maria Teresa). Beautiful satiny pink, very floriferous. Orthographic variant: ‘Visconte di Nieuport. Orthographic errors: ‘Victor de Nieuport’, ‘Vicomte de Nieuwport’, ‘Vicomte de Newport’.


Flower Size

Blooming Season Belgium