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President of ICS wrote a Chinese Motto for the ICR database

19 February 2021  211 By: wangzhonglang

The International Camellia Register had more than 50,000 names, very difficult to manage. It is always open to amendments and corrections, as errors and omissions will always exist in such a comprehensive long list of names, no matter how carefully checked, and in view of further data coming to light from previously unlocated literature and catalogues.

It is a big challenge for me to manage all those cultivars in the genus Camellia, So I need your helps, especially those by various origins in different countries. I will do my best to let the Nomenclature as accuracy and  stable as I can. Prof. Guan Kaiyuan, the president of ICS, had written a Chinese Motto to encourage me as follows in very Chinese way:

These 8 words were from two very old Chinese books date back more than 2,500 year ago. It is very hard to translate precisely,  but I would like to try to translate the meanin in short as “Never cease in pursuing excellence, until  achieve perfection.” This has become my motto to do this database. I will try my best!

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