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How to manage photos on your phone

26 February 2023  653 By: wangzhonglang

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How to manage photos on your phone

After logging in to the International Camellia Database in your mobile browser, click on your avatar and select Upload from the drop-down menu to enter your personal album.

Fig. 1 Go to your personal album

After entering the personal album, there are two function keys on the page, 🔍Search and Batch Tools.

At the same time, there are three buttons on the photo, and there are two links below it, as shown in Figure 2.

Fig. 2 The personal album


After clicking it, a window as shown in Figure 2-1 will appear, and you can search for photos in your personal album.

Fig. 2-1 Searching for photos in a folder


Batch Tools

For more information about using Batch Tools, see the link: 🔗How to batch edit photos on your phone (

1.About the button on the photo

The '⚙️ ' button in the upper left corner of the photo is the online edit photo button, and the computer port will support more functions.


The '×' button in the upper right corner of the photo is the Delete Photo button, click it to delete the photo from your album, as shown in Figure 3.

Fig. 3 The '×' button on a photo deletes a photo

Clicking on the photo or the '︎👁' button in the lower left corner of the photo is the edit button and will take you to Eidting 1 photo, as shown in Figure 4.

Fig. 4  Eidting 1 photo page

In Editing 1 photo, there are 6 items to fill in: Title, Identify, Copyright, Description, KeyWord, Location

If you are uploading a photo using a mobile phone, you may have already filled in the two fields of Identify and Location when uploading, and you can change them in the Editing 1 page.



The photo name is automatically filled in when uploaded.



When uploading, it will populate the filename of the photo, change the name in the list of breed nicknames.

Identify is the most important information, and this photo can be linked to its peers in the database.

As you type the name, the database will give you a hint about the name in the database, as shown in Figure 4-1.

Fig. 4-1 Hint of the symbol name from the database



Please fill in the name of the copyright holder, as shown in Figure 4-2.

The DICR's design is that only uploaders can fill in and modify copyright information in their own albums.

Therefore, the uploader is responsible for the copyright information provided in his own album listings in the International Camellia Database. It is the uploader's responsibility to ensure that the copyright information is true.

If someone else discovers that the uploader has incorrectly recorded the copyright information of the photos, they can send an evidence email ( to DICR, then we will immediately send an email to the uploader asking him to correct the copyright information or delete those photos that are incorrectly copyrighted, unless he can provide strong evidence that the photos belong to him.

If the uploader is unable to provide evidence but insists on making any changes, the International Camellia Databases suspends his account and stops him from showing all the photos in his own album to the public.

So, if your uploaded photo is a scanned image from a book about camellia, please fill in the book information in the Copyright, as shown in Figure 4-3.

Fig. 4-2 The photo taken by yourself is signed as me

Fig. 4-3 Get copyright to photos from books



If needed, fill in any description, comment or story, etc. to better understand the photo. For example: This color of the flower in this photo is lighter than the actual color.



Please fill in the keywords from the box below or choose from the suggested keywords, at least select one keyword, you can select multiple keywords at the same time, as shown in Figure 4-4.

Fig. 4-4 Select at least one keyword



Please fill in the name of the location where you took your photo.


Remember to click Save every time you make changes.


Please fill in as much detail as possible about the photo, including Title, Identify, Copyright, Description, Keyword, Location.

In these areas, Identify and copyright are the most important fields. When uploading, the identification field will automatically populate the filename of the photo (it will be easier to fill in the field if your photo is a breed name), change the name in the list of breed nicknames. This is the most important information, this photo can be associated with the variety! As you type the name, the database will suggest names from the database.


2. About the links under the photo

Below the photo there are two links, 'Photo Name' and '🗁', such as ' Putaohong    🗁 ' in Figure 2.

Fig. 2 The personal album


Click the photo name link to jump to the photo details page, as shown in Figure 5, see the link: 🔗 How to view photos on your phone ( for details on the use of the photo details page.

Fig. 5 Photo details page


Click the link to open the folder where the 🗁 photo is located.


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