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Château de Fougères

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Year Published/Registered2022

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

AGM Type

Scientific Name:Camellia japonica ‘Château de Fougères’

Chinese Name:富热尔城堡

Japanese Name

Meaning:historic monument


» English Description

Château de Fougères (C.japonica)European Reg. No 170.  First published in International Camellia Journal, 2022, No. 54, p.38. Originated by Alain Jouno, Parc Botanique de Haute-Bretagne, Le Chatellier, France and propaged by the SBC (Société Bretonne du Camellia) for the Conservatory to Châteauneuf-du-Faou. Seedling of unkown parentage in 2013, first flowering in 2016. Plant: fastigiate, mi-season and average growth, mid-season flowering, spent flowersfalling whole, Flower: peony loose, size medium 10 x 5 cm, 21 petals, outer petals light purplish pink (RHS2015 62C), those in the center white-pink mixed with small stamens with white filaments and pétaloids, Leaf: medium, 11 x 7 cm, oval, glossy moderate green, serrate margin of the leaf blade.

» Chinese Description

富热尔城堡Camellia japonica ‘Château de Fougères’),欧洲登录号170。首次发表于《国际山茶会志》2022年第54期第38页。由法国勒沙泰利耶上布列塔尼植物公园的阿兰·朱诺(Alain Jouno)培育,由布列塔尼茶花协会(SBC)为法乌新堡音乐学院繁殖。2013年获得实生苗,双亲未知,2016年首次开花。植株:枝叶稠密,中等生长速率,中期开花,花整朵脱落。花:松散牡丹型,中等大小,花径10厘米,花高5厘米,21片花瓣,外花瓣浅紫粉红色(RHS2015 62C),中间为白粉色混合的花蕊瓣,与残留的白色雄蕊混生。叶:中等大小,长11厘米,宽7厘米,卵圆形,有光泽,中等绿色,边缘锯齿状。


Flower Size8-10 cm

Blooming Season1-3 Month France