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Chunjiang Suizi

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Year Published/Registered2009

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

AGM Type

Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Chunjiang Suiz'

Chinese Name:春江穗子

Japanese Name

Meaning:Chunjiang Fringed


» English Description

Chunjiang Suizi. (Chunjiang Fringed), (C.japonica), China Regn No. 45. China Flowers & Horticulture, Mar 2009, No.6, p.43 with colour photo; A cross of ‘Maoyuan Daheihong’ (Clark Hubbs) with Midnight Magic as pollen parent, originated by Li Jiyuan and Ni Sui from Ningbo University and the Subtropical Forestry Institute, Zheijiang, China. Flowers red, double form in 9-10 whorls, 8-9 cm diameter, imbricated. Petals about 60, outer 30 circular and fimbriated, inner petals obovate and shorter. Leaves elliptic, bases cuneate, apices acuminate, margins serrate, 8.2 cm long x 3.2 cm wide. Late flowering.

» Chinese Description

春江穗子 Camellia japonica‘ Chunjiang Suizi’ 中国登录号:2009-045,《中国花卉园艺》2009年第643页。由倪穗命名,宁波大学和中林院亚林所的倪穗、李纪元培育并登录。母本为‘毛缘大黑红’,父本为‘午夜魔幻’。花重瓣型,覆瓦状排列,层叠状。9~10轮花瓣,瓣纹明显。花瓣总数60枚左右,外轮正常大花瓣30枚左右,宽4.0cm,长4.2cm,圆形,顶端中部浅裂。内轮花瓣10枚,倒卵形,顶端中部微凹。中心花瓣20枚左右,宽0.5~1.5cm,长0.8~1.5cm,阔倒卵形。花红色,花径8~9cm。叶椭圆形,基部楔形,先端渐尖,细锯齿状,长8.0cm,宽3.2cm。花期3~4月。


Flower Size8-9 cm

Blooming Season3-4 Month China