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Chunjiang Danzhu

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Year Published/Registered2022

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia japonica ‘Chunjiang Danzhu’

Chinese Name:春江丹珠

Japanese Name



» English Description

Chunjiang Danzhu (C. japonica x C. japonica 'Jinpan Lizhi'). CCRN2022008. This cultivar was registered by Li Jiyuan, Liu Weixin, You Mingfei, Fan Zhengqi, Li Xinlei, Yin Hengfu, Ge Wanchuan, Shen Jian and Yu Wenxian from the Institute of Subtropical Forestry of the Chinese Academy of Forestry. It is a hybrid of Camellia japonica x C. japonica 'Jinpan Lizhi'. Green buds, green leaves, oval, 8.0-11.0cm long, 4.0-4.5cm wide, apex acuminate, base wide cuneate to round, leaf surface smooth and shiny, leaf apex acuminate, The leaf margins are sparsely serrated and the leaf surface is flat. Flower red, anemone to single form, medium to large type, flower diameter 8.0cm ~ 9.0cm, outer petals are larger, broad and obovate, inner petals are slightly smaller, some petals are petalized, more stamens, clustered type . Plants erect, relatively compact. The flowering period is from February to March.

» Chinese Description

春江丹珠Camellia japonica ‘Chunjiang Danzhu’编号CCRN2022008. 本品种由中国林业科学研究院亚热带林业研究所的李纪元、刘伟鑫、游鸣飞、范正琪、李辛雷、殷恒福、葛万川、沈剑和俞文仙登录。系红山茶(Camellia japonica ×红山茶品种金盘荔枝C. japonica ‘Jinpan Lizhi’)的杂交品种。嫩芽绿色,叶片绿色,卵圆形,长8.0cm11.0cm,宽4.0cm4.5cm,叶先端渐尖,叶基宽楔形至圆形,叶面光滑,具光泽,叶先端渐尖,叶缘稀锯齿,叶面平坦。花红色,托桂型至单瓣型,中至型花,花径8.0cm9.0cm,外轮花瓣较大,阔倒卵形,内轮药瓣略小,部分花瓣瓣化,雄蕊较多、簇生型。植株直立,较紧凑。花期2月~3月。


Flower Size8-9 cm

Blooming Season2-3 Month China