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Hongyu No.1

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Year Published/Registered2015

Cultivar Type:For Oil

AGM Type

Scientific Name:Camellia semiserrata 'Hongyu No.1'

Chinese Name:红羽1号

Japanese Name



» English Description

Hongyu No. 1 (C. oleifera), a new variety authorized by the State Forestry and Grassland Administration of China in 2015. The variety right is 20150169. It was selected and bred by Chen Guochen, Yu Xiong'an, Ma Jinlin and others of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Forestry Academy. Tree erect tree shape, bark gray. Leaf dark green, spring shoots from February to May, summer shoots from early June to early September. Leaves oblong or oblong elliptic, 9-20cm long, 4-9cm wide, acuminate at the apex, cuneate at the base, serrated at 1/3 of the upper part of the leaf margin, strong midrib, 6-9 pairs of lateral veins, and protruding back. Petiole 1-1.5cm long, hairless, and the upper face grooved. Flowering period is from the end of November to the end of February or early March of the following year. Flowers red, solitary or 2 on the top of the branch, 6-7cm in diameter, sessile, potted or cup-shaped; 11 sepals, lignified; petals 6-8, fleshy, broad obovate, 4 long -5cm; stamens are numerous, 3-4 whorls, 3-4cm long, the lower half of the outer filaments are connate, styles are 25-3.5cm long, 3-5 lobed. The capsule is spherical or nearly spherical, with a distinct umbilicus shape at the bottom, 6-12cm in diameter, 3-5 compartments, 1.5-2.2cm thick skin, and 10-30 seeds per fruit.

» Chinese Description

红羽1Camellia semiserrata 'Hongyu No.1'是2015年国家林草局授权的新品种,【品种权号】20150169,【培育人】羽雄安、陈国臣、马锦林、张乃燕、王东雪、陈林强、叶航、江泽鹏、羽冬梅、羽丽梅、梁国校、夏莹莹,【品种权人】广西壮族自治区林业科学研究院\藤县红羽油茶发展有限公司。【品种特性】常绿高大乔木,树形直立,树皮灰色。叶色呈深绿,春梢2-5月底,夏梢6月初至9月初。叶片呈矩圆形或长椭圆形,长9-20cm,宽4-9cm,先端渐尖,基部楔形,叶缘上部13以上有锯齿,中脉粗壮,侧脉6-9对,背面突起,叶柄长1-1.5cm,无毛,上面具槽。花期11月底至次年2月底或3月初,花红色,单生或2朵着生于枝顶,直径6-7cm,无柄,盆状或杯状展开;萼片11枚,木质化;花瓣6-8枚,肉质,呈阔倒卵形,长4-5cm;雄蕊多数,3-4轮,长3-4cm,外轮花丝下半部合生,花柱长25-3.5cm3-5浅裂。蒴果球形或近球形,底部有明显的脐状,直径6-12cm3-5室,果皮厚1.5-2.2cm,每果有种子10-30粒。陈国臣,张乃燕,王东雪,陈林强,叶航.油茶新品种红羽1’[J].广西林业科学,2016,45(02):232+234.


Flower Size6-7 cm

Blooming Season11-3 Month China