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Isabel Zendal

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Chosen by Carmen Salinero



Year Published/Registered2022

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia japonica ‘Isabel Zendal’

Chinese Name:赞达尔

Japanese Name

Meaning:named after the Galician nurse Isabel Zendal


» English Description

Isabel Zendal(C. japonica).  International Camllia Journal 2022, No.54, p. 45. Shrub with a medium growth rate, and a semi-open and upright growth habit. Its flowers are vanilla-white, from 7 to 9 cm in diameter, rose-shaped, from 40 to 50 oval and rounded petals with a smooth or slightly cordate margin, some petaloids, and stamens with yellow filaments. Leaves are dark and elliptic. It blooms from January to late April. It was originated from C. japonica seeds by Begoña Franco at Finca Chazo, (Boiro, A Coruña). It was named after the Galician nurse Isabel Zendal (1773-¿?), rector of the Orphanage of Charity of A Coruña, who participated in the Royal Philanthropic Vaccine Expedition of Francisco Javier Balmis. There, she looked after the twenty-two children from the Foundling Hospital of A Coruña who travelled to America to bring the smallpox vaccine to the Spanish overseas territories. She is considered the first nurse in history on an international mission by the World Health Organisation (WHO)

» Chinese Description

赞达尔(Camellia japonica ‘Isabel Zendal’)。发表于《国际山茶会志》2022年第54期第45页。植株:灌木,生长速度中等,半开放直立。花:奶白色,花径7-9厘米,玫瑰型;花瓣40-50枚,卵圆形至圆形,边缘全缘或略呈心形,有一些花蕊瓣,雄蕊花丝黄色。叶:深绿色,椭圆形。花期1月至4月下旬。从红山茶(C. japonica)的实生苗中培育,由西班牙阿肯色州布恩在芬卡查佐的贝戈尼亚·佛朗哥(Begoña Franco)提供。它以加利西亚护士伊莎贝尔·赞达尔(Isabel Zendal,1773-?)的名字命名,赞达尔是拉科鲁尼亚慈善孤儿院的院长,她参加了弗朗西斯科·哈维尔·巴尔米斯(Francisco Javier Balmis)的皇家慈善疫苗队。在那里,她照顾了拉科鲁尼亚育婴堂医院的二十二名儿童,他们前往美洲将天花疫苗带到西班牙海外领土。她被认为是历史上第一位被世界卫生组织(WHO)执行国际任务的护士。


Flower Size7-9 cm

Blooming Season1-4 Month Spain