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Puyou Zahe 18

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Year Published/Registered2007

Cultivar Type:For Oil

AGM Type

Scientific Name:Camellia oleifera 'Puyou Zahe 18'

Chinese Name:油茶杂交组合18

Japanese Name



湘S0709-CO1b  2007年通过湖南省良种审定的良种证号。

Youcha Zajiao Zuhe 18  Chen Yonzhong,2008. Oil Tea Camellia Superior Germplasm Resources, p.52. Another translation for 'Puyou Zahe 18'


» English Description

Puyou Zahe 18Camellia oleifera.Oil Tea Camellia Superior Germplasm Resources, 2008, editor in chief by Chen Yonzhong, p.52. China Forestry Publishing House, 2016. Oil-tea Camellia Cultivars in China, p.343. Bred by Hunan Academy of Forestry in 2003, passed the identification in 2007 by Hunan Academy of Forestry registration, and listed as national excellent cultivar, the Certification Number: Xiang S0709-co1b. Hybrid varieties. Crown rotund, plant vigorous, growth fast, foliage dense. Flowering November to December. Fruit reddish green, spherical, average 28.1 among of fruit weighted 500g, 296.5 among of seed weight 500g. Average 43.9% seed weight in each fresh fruit. The average rate of oil reached 8.86% from fresh fruit. The average oil yield 558.34 kg/hm2.

» Chinese Description

油茶杂交组合18陈永忠主编,2008年,《油茶优良种质资源》第 52 页。【培育单位】湖南省林业科学院,【选育年份】2003,【审定年份】2007,【良种号】S0709-CO1b由湖南省林业科学院于2003年选育出来的优良杂交组合。树体开张,枝叶分布均匀;花期1011月;果实红青球形,每500g果数28.1个,每500g籽数296.5个,鲜果出籽率43.9%,鲜果含油率8.86%,平均产油量为558.34kg/hm2,比参试无性系平均值增产69.7%。

油茶杂交组合18 Camellia oleifera Puyou Zahe 18. 中国林业出版社, 2016. 《中国油茶品种志》,p.343。【审定编号】湘S0709-CO1b【品种类别】杂交组合【选育单位】湖南省林业科学研究院【选育年份】2003年。


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